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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Very Rare Paradox Figures, Something Is Very Wrong

So I've been watching the Paradox Green figures on eBay so far (or I guess I should just call them Series 5 since two of them are labeled as Hidden Realm) and I know I can't be the only one wondering why in the world they've all been the Very Rare versions so far? I'm not saying that "a lot" of them are the Very Rare, "ALL" of them have been so far.

Take a look. Here are links to each of the four figures out so far on eBay right now. As of the time I'm writing this, here are the counts:

Nectar: Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 11

Tadd: Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 8

Rastro: Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 12

Maul: Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 14

So what's up?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update: Maul and Nectar Sighted as Well

The same seller that sold the Rastro and Tadd now has Nectar and Maul up, again both the VERY RARE versions! They are "Buy It Now" auctions for $24.99 so you better hurry if you want them! :)

Maul is here... -- Nectar is here...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Toyfair 2009 Funkeys Images Follow-up...

I was in a bit of a hurry when I submitted the last post and I glossed over some of the credit that should have been given. I mentioned but failed to link to them, so please do go check out the rather vast pictorial they have up of the 2009 New York ToyFair... (I've also added a link in the last post)

I also failed to mention that although I had been watching the sites that typically post images form the shows, I didn't catch these myself. I noticed the report of these new images by Blogger Mom over on the ubfunkeysarefun Blogger site. She in turn credited obsessedfunkey for getting the report in first over on her blog.

This use to be THE only place to come get the latest Funkeys info (besides the official site), but we've got a lot of great blogs out there now to keep us all up to date! :) Tis a good thing...

A few more images I didn't get up in the last post...

Recycling Inspired Funkey Paradox Green 2009 New York Toyfair

Bomber Plane Inspired Funkey Paradox Green 2009 New York Toyfair

Paradox Green U.B.Funkeys shown at the 2009 New York Toyfair

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Funkeys Images FINALLY Showing Up From ToyFair 2009

All I can say is "it's about time!" The coverage of the NY ToyFair has been miserable this year so far. Hopefully more people have been taking pictures and still plan to post them.

Group Shot of new Funkeys shown at the 2009 New York Toyfair

As has been swirling through the various U.B.Funkeys Blogs, has posted some images from the Radica booth including Funkeys and the new F.A.M.P.S figures. YOu can check them all out here...

I have to admit that while the stuff on display is quite awesome, I was expecting a bit more of a display this year. The display budgets must have been slashed from last year.

My favorite images are the ones here that show what we can obviously expect to see in the Adventure Packs for Dream State and Hidden Realm if/when they get released. I'm pumped for these figures!

Daydream Oasis Adventure Pack Characters:
Sneak Peeks at the Dream State Adventure Pack Figures shown at the 2009 New York Toyfair

Hidden Realm Adventure Pack Characters:
Sneak Peeks at the Hidden Realm Adventure Pack Figures shown at the 2009 New York Toyfair

I think they did a nice job with some of the non-traditional bases in making them look good and still be able to attach to the existing UB hubs...

There was more, but I have to run! I'll try and post the rest later tonight...

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Living without Hidden Realm Funkeys?

As we've pointed out before, theInToy out of the UK ships Internationally pretty much *anywhere*. So if you're looking for U.B.Funkeys and you live somewhere that doesn't usually get the new ones very quickly (like say the UK or Guam?) they may prove to be a great source.

They usually have the UK only black Dream State starter in stock and currently they have what looks to be ALL of the Hidden realm singles including the rare and very rare versions!

Check it out... :)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Forum Smilies Including Hidden Realm

It took a while, but I've finally finished making the new smilies for the forum. They have a new look to them that I like much better and I have now added the Funkeystown Adventure Pack characters as well as Hidden Realm. Go update your collection threads!

Oh and there's now individual smilies for the three rarities of scratch, so you'll want to update those as well. Some samples...

:xenerv: :twinxr: :henchred: :mayor: :master: :native: :ubsr: ::UBDSPink:: ::UBDSBlack:: :rom: :gabby: :dot: :sprocketr: :dyerv: :ubhr: :singev:

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hidden Realm Names Bomble and Singe or Yeti and Kali

I know this is causing a lot of confusion so I thought I’d give this a little attention. When any toy line is being conceived, character names tend to be in flux many times far longer than they should be. This could be simply because of creative decisions being prolonged or at time it is a legal issue with trademarks.

During the pre-production phase, many names are considered “working names”, which is basically a way to identify something when its name is not final. We saw a case of a working name getting printed on the first round of U.B.Funkeys starter kit packaging. The character we’ve all come to know as Dot was originally printed as Spot.

Many times, game files also get named using working names or generic terms because development of the software must move forward even if the final names or characters, games, places, and so on are not finalized.

With all that said, let’s get on to the subject at hand. The working names of the four Hidden Realm Funkeys were Kali, Yeti, Yang, and Raj. Their names were not finalized until late in the process because in this case, game files were named this way, stores were getting pre-sales information using those names, and even the first version of the Codex was downloaded with those names in place.

But the final names that were decided on by the design team were Singe, Bomble, Yang, and Raj. The biggest piece of evidence that this decision was made late in the process is the fact that even the first round of packaging for Singe and Bomble say Kali and Yeti on them. This was a mistake, and will likely be corrected for the second run of the figures. The Codex has been updated to reflect the correct names and the storyline “movies” within the game use the correct names as well.

Because of all the mistakes with these names, I’m sure it will be confusing for a while, but this is straight from Funk-E. The names are Singe, Bomble, Yang, and Raj.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hidden Realm Bomble, Raj, Singe, and Yang Added to Character Page

As the subject line says, the Hidden Realm Funkeys (Bomble, Raj, Singe, and Yang) have now been added to Character Page here at TSE.

Funkeys Series 4 - Hidden Realm

Bomble Raj Singe Yang

I'll try and get the Adventure Pack characters added soon!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

UBFunkeys 4.5 - Funkey Trunk Update is Here!

Wow! Hot on the tail of the 4.0 Hidden Realm Update, we now have the version 4.5 release called Funkey Trunk. It's not as big as the last update but still a healthy 70+ MB download so those of you who waited all night for the last one to download on your dial-up account, get ready for another agonizing wait...

Hidden Realm Notification for the 4.5 Funkey Trunk Update

I must say that these latest updates show just how much effort the folks at Mattel/Radica are putting in to our beloved game. If you haven't explored the Hidden realm Update yet, you're really missing out on some awesome visuals! The scene with the flying ship that takes you to Hidden realm alone is very impressive.

Reports on the forum are that the Hidden Realm purchases made on eBay and have started to show up and people are starting to play, but so far I've seen no reports of them in real-world stores like Walmart or Target. I'll personally be waiting to find them in the stores, but I'm a cheapskate... :)

I've heard a little about what this new update introduces, but I'll wait for clarity before reporting on it here. Have fun as always and feel free to post back here about what you find! :)

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hidden Realm Funkeys on eBay!

The Hidden Realm Funkeys have started showing up on eBay, so they'll be hitting shelves around the US soon. If you're an impatient collector, feel free to pay way too much for them right now... :)

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Version 4.0 Hidden Realm Available Now!

As many have already found out since yesterday evening, the Hidden Realm update is now available for download. Be prepared! It's a hefty 151 MB in size, so if you are on an old dial-up connection, it's gonna take a while...

Hidden Realm Update Notification

I have not personally had time to poke around yet, but I'll be sure to do that soon and post some more...

Have fun, and post back here about what you find! :)

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Buying Funkeys Online and Support theSpeakEasy!

OK, I don't usually post things this direct and "spammy" but U.B.Funkeys news is a bit dry right now and I'm behind (again) on getting new custom Funkeys pages ready to post and wanted to post "something".

So since we are coming up on a period of mass spending in the US and many other countries, I thought I'd take this opportunity to point out the "Where to Buy Funkeys" page on this site. It's a simple guide to help locate the Funkeys you want and the added bonus for us here is that purchases made after following the links on that page help in a small way to support the hosting and maintenance of this site.

OK, I feel all slimy now for doing that, and I promise you won't see another post like it in QUITE a while!!!

On a Funkeys note, from everything we've ben hearing, the first Hidden Realm Funkeys may very well be hitting the shelves in mid to late December! :)

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Funkeys Hidden Realm Pre-Order now Available

Forum member CD-ROM pointed out this morning that there was now a pre-order on for a 4-pack of Hidden Realm figures.

Some of the members immediately reminded the forum about the pre-orders we placed with Amazon for the Speed racer Starter Set, and the issues some of us had getting them in a timely manner. Some had to pass them up at the store because they were waiting on Amazon to ship their pre-order.

The pre-order page currently shows a release date of November 15. I contacted Funk-E this morning regarding this and was told that the landing date was tentatively for Dec 15th (no guarantees), but definitely not in November.

So... Take this news any way you'd like. The pre-order is through Amazon, not a reseller, so it's legit. The release date is incorrect. Also it doesn't have an image yet and just says "4-pack", so I'm curious if this will be a four pack like we saw for Dream State where there was one normal version of four different figures, or whether it will be like the 4-packs sold by Target where you get a blind packed box with four singles of various rarity.

Check it out yourself and let us know back here if you chose to pre-order or not!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mayor Sayso Has Joined Facebook

For those who may not have noticed yet, Mayor Sayso has joined Facebook. If you have an account there, look him up! He has shared some great new images of the upcoming Hidden Realm series...

UBFunkeys Hidden Realm Starter with Yang
Funkeys Hidden Realm UB

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video on YouTube of Hidden Realm and DC Heroes Funkeys

There's a video on YouTube that was just posted today that shows some computer generated graphics from the upcoming 2009 U.B.Funkeys series Hidden Realm as well as the DC Heroes series.

I have NO IDEA where this came from, but it's VERY cool! :)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ask Funk-E Installment #3

The third installment of Ask Funk-E has just been posted! This is the biggest round of questions yet...

Topics include: Hidden Realm Funkeys - DC Heroes Funkeys - Adventure Packs - Release Dates - International Shipping - Dot, the SDCC Exclusive Funkey - Bandit and Tach - Additional Chat Features - Changing Crib Names - Funkeys Apparel - TONS of Fan Suggestions


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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hidden Realm Funkeys Named!

With the whispers of having the Hidden Realm U.B.Funkeys up for pre-order, you may be thinking that you already knew the names since they list them as Raj, Yang, Yeti, and Kali. But you'd be wrong! :)

In talking to Funk-E over the matter, I was informed today that though some were correct on that site, the actual names are as follows: Raj, Yang, Bomble and Singe...

UBFunkeys Hidden Realm Funkeys

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Monday, August 25, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Hidden Realm Color Variations

Hidden Realm Funkeys
UBFunkeys Hidden Realm

The updates to the official site added the above two teaser images for Hidden Realm, including two rarity colors for the Yeti (Light Blue and Pink)and the YinYang (Green and Red) Funkeys. Adding the images we've already seen of the prototypes at SDCC 2008 and the side image from the Dream State starter, we see the following possible variants...

Green/Black - official site
Red/Black - official site
Green/Dark Blue - SDCC
White/Green w/very different look - DS package

White/Blue - official site
White/Pink - official site
Green/Tan - SDCC
White/Blue w/different expression - DS package

Orange/White - official site
Green/White - SDCC
White/Red - w/very different look* - DS package

* I feel that this was likely an early design for what turned out to be the tiger design based on it's similar "tiger/sabertooth" family feel. I could be wrong.

Blue/Orange - official site
Red/Orange - SDCC
White/Red - w/very different look# - DS package

# I feel that this was likely an early design for what turned out to be the dragon design based on the flower design that was once on the face and now on the dragon's belly. I could be wrong.

...from SDCC 2008...
UBFunkeys Hidden Realm Prototypes

...from side of Dream State starter...
UBFunkeys from side of Dream State starter

Discuss it here in the forum!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Official Site Updates: Dream State + Hidden Realm Teaser

The official site has been updated with Dream State content. There are also some Dream State images on the home page as well as a Hidden Realm teaser where the Dream State teaser use to be. Some image below highlight the new home page content...

UBFunkeys Dream State
Dream State Logo
Dream State Story Frame 1
Dream State Story Frame 2
Dream State Story Frame 3
Dream State Story Frame 4
Dream State Story Frame 5
Dream State Story Frame 6
Dream State Story Frame 7
Dream State Story Frame 8

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Monday, July 28, 2008

SDCC 2008 Funkeys Images - Hidden Realm

Images are showing up around the Internet of the new Funkeys Series: Hidden Realm, scheduled for 2009. As you can see in the image they are still awaiting licensing approval, so there's no guarantee we'll ever see them, at least not necessarily in the forms they're in right now. Some on the forum have already pointed out that the two of them that are on the side of the Dream State starter packaging look slightly different than the prototypes in these images below from the San Diego Comic-Con.

After the three images of the Hidden Realm figures, there's a fun image of a henchman propaganda poster with some huge funkeys statues from Dream State in front of it...

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