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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Funkeys Version 5.0 - Paradox Green - Installed

The update is installed and it look like there will be plenty to explore tomorrow!

The first thing I noticed that I feel was a GREAT addition was the screen that tells you to wait while the updates are being installed. We've seen SO many people have issues because with previous updates, they would get impatient waiting for the game to pop back up after clicking "let's go" and try to launch the game again. This would then cause issues with their game files and big headaches for parents who's kids just lost their progress...

The one little glitch I saw personally is that when the game first loaded I got the "invisible Funkeys" all over town...

No worries though. I went to my crib, came back out to town, and everyone was back to their nice solid selves...

So I took a quick trek over to the library and did screen-shots of the new Funkeys. Below you can see them in all their rarity defining glory...







I'll link them to their profile pages here once I get them built...

Good night all!

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U.B.Funkeys Vesion 5.0 - Paradox Green is Here!

I'm downloading it right now myself. More to come once I have it up and running. For now, go get it!!!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Angus Experiment - Sparkling Startree

As posted by Daisee in the Babble Forum, there is a new Angus Experiment available called a Sparkling Startree. She wrote, "It is big like the Fruity Tree but it has yellow stars and a moon hanging from the branches. When you click on them they make musical sounds, explode surprises and sparkle. Really cool. I have one in my crib tickledpink2 so you can check it out there."

Here's a pic posted a little later by one of our great mods, mystery66...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Follow U.B.Funkeys @ - FINALLY!

I've been getting requests to set up a "follow-me" feature for all the blogger account folks out there. For a long time, that was only available to blogger sites that were actually hosted on the site. I'm not exactly sure when they changed that, but at some point in the recent past, Google (who owns Blogger) created a widget so that folks like me with their own domain could tie in to the "follow-me" feature of Blogger. Those of you with no Blogger account that want to follow can also do so using your Google account. So here it is! Follow! Follow! And you over there... FOLLOW! lol.. :)

I'll add the widget in this post, but you can also join or see those following at the bottom of any page. Have fun...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Downloading Update, You Can Play in 7 hours

I have seen complaints over the past few months from people who have just started playing Funkeys (or who had to re-install) regarding the monstrous size of the update download once they do the initial install. I just re-installed Funkeys myself on a computer at home and all I can say is... Wow... 489MB...

I sure hope that the new starter pack released when Paradox Green hits will have an updated install disk that includes everything up to that point. I can't even imagine having to update from a fresh install if the Paradox Green update has to be downloaded too!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Calm Before the Funkeys Storm?

It's been quiet on the Funkeys front. Very very quiet...

For those who are still trying to fill in the holes of your collection while waiting for the next series, I've noticed that the Target Exclusive Funkeys Plushies have become a LOT cheaper to pick up on eBay! Other stuff you can round up pretty cheap over there on eBay right now are the Funkeys Speakers,the Funkeys Flash Drives and the Funkeys Storage Cases, all of which were Target Exclusives as well.

The bright spot in the lull is that there IS a new series coming this summer. As we know, it's Paradox Green and it looks like it's going to be pretty cool. The game creation aspect (Game Factory) could really help with the fact that some of you play through the games so fast you get bored waiting for the next series. With the game creation aspect of Paradox Green, everyone should be able to keep each other interested and entertained by creating their own games to share! :) Hmmm... Once we know how it works, we'll need to add a new area to the forum to support all the "check out my new game" posts.

As many have already brought up, the Paradox Green Funkeys are being pre-sold at Entertainment Earth. You can click below to check them out...

UB FunKeys Paradox Green Single Pack Assortment Case

UB FunKeys Tools Assortment Set

If you choose to pre-order them, I'd love to hear back from some of you when you get them! I'm curious how long they take to get them out once they start showing up...

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