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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hidden Realm Names Bomble and Singe or Yeti and Kali

I know this is causing a lot of confusion so I thought I’d give this a little attention. When any toy line is being conceived, character names tend to be in flux many times far longer than they should be. This could be simply because of creative decisions being prolonged or at time it is a legal issue with trademarks.

During the pre-production phase, many names are considered “working names”, which is basically a way to identify something when its name is not final. We saw a case of a working name getting printed on the first round of U.B.Funkeys starter kit packaging. The character we’ve all come to know as Dot was originally printed as Spot.

Many times, game files also get named using working names or generic terms because development of the software must move forward even if the final names or characters, games, places, and so on are not finalized.

With all that said, let’s get on to the subject at hand. The working names of the four Hidden Realm Funkeys were Kali, Yeti, Yang, and Raj. Their names were not finalized until late in the process because in this case, game files were named this way, stores were getting pre-sales information using those names, and even the first version of the Codex was downloaded with those names in place.

But the final names that were decided on by the design team were Singe, Bomble, Yang, and Raj. The biggest piece of evidence that this decision was made late in the process is the fact that even the first round of packaging for Singe and Bomble say Kali and Yeti on them. This was a mistake, and will likely be corrected for the second run of the figures. The Codex has been updated to reflect the correct names and the storyline “movies” within the game use the correct names as well.

Because of all the mistakes with these names, I’m sure it will be confusing for a while, but this is straight from Funk-E. The names are Singe, Bomble, Yang, and Raj.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hidden Realm Bomble, Raj, Singe, and Yang Added to Character Page

As the subject line says, the Hidden Realm Funkeys (Bomble, Raj, Singe, and Yang) have now been added to Character Page here at TSE.

Funkeys Series 4 - Hidden Realm

Bomble Raj Singe Yang

I'll try and get the Adventure Pack characters added soon!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Funkeys Hidden Realm Pre-Order now Available

Forum member CD-ROM pointed out this morning that there was now a pre-order on for a 4-pack of Hidden Realm figures.

Some of the members immediately reminded the forum about the pre-orders we placed with Amazon for the Speed racer Starter Set, and the issues some of us had getting them in a timely manner. Some had to pass them up at the store because they were waiting on Amazon to ship their pre-order.

The pre-order page currently shows a release date of November 15. I contacted Funk-E this morning regarding this and was told that the landing date was tentatively for Dec 15th (no guarantees), but definitely not in November.

So... Take this news any way you'd like. The pre-order is through Amazon, not a reseller, so it's legit. The release date is incorrect. Also it doesn't have an image yet and just says "4-pack", so I'm curious if this will be a four pack like we saw for Dream State where there was one normal version of four different figures, or whether it will be like the 4-packs sold by Target where you get a blind packed box with four singles of various rarity.

Check it out yourself and let us know back here if you chose to pre-order or not!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mayor Sayso Has Joined Facebook

For those who may not have noticed yet, Mayor Sayso has joined Facebook. If you have an account there, look him up! He has shared some great new images of the upcoming Hidden Realm series...

UBFunkeys Hidden Realm Starter with Yang
Funkeys Hidden Realm UB

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hidden Realm Funkeys Named!

With the whispers of having the Hidden Realm U.B.Funkeys up for pre-order, you may be thinking that you already knew the names since they list them as Raj, Yang, Yeti, and Kali. But you'd be wrong! :)

In talking to Funk-E over the matter, I was informed today that though some were correct on that site, the actual names are as follows: Raj, Yang, Bomble and Singe...

UBFunkeys Hidden Realm Funkeys

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