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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Exclusive Pink U.B.Funkeys Starter Set Available Again

Hey everyone! Limited Too has finally got the exclusive pink hub starter set back up for sale on their site, so if you don't live near a Limited Too store (and don't feel like paying the super-inflated prices on Amazon/eBay), link over and purchase one today! It's still about $9 to $10 more than the regular hub, but hey exclusives usually are and if you're a completionist like me you'll need one sooner or later... :)

Here's what they look like if you've been in a cave and have no idea what I'm talking about:

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Image to Share, Funkeys Forum, Funkeys Checklist, and Speed Racer Funkeys...

OK, it's pretty sad that I haven't been able to update this part of the site more, but things are very active on the new Funkeys Forum, so if you haven't joined yet, click here and join in!

So to give you all "something" new, here's another propaganda image from our Mattel insider. Hmm... that sounds so "blah", we really need to come up with a code name for them. Any thoughts?

I've also realized that since I haven't really finished the whole design of the site, there are people looking for specific things that are having trouble so here are a couple handy links until I get the navigation finished up:

1) For those looking for the Funkeys Checklist which is a printable list (with images) of all the Series 1 and 2 Funkeys, you can find the original post here. Also to note, I'm hoping to get enough info from our source to update the list to include the Speed Racer figures.

2) For those looking for the Speed Racer Funkeys information, here's the post with the most up to date info...

That's all for now. Have a good one!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New source of information from Mattel

It's been a little while since the blog has been updated, but it's been pretty exciting on this end. In addition to watching the Funkeys Forum start to come to life, we've been in contact with a source from Mattel who has shared some things with us. We're still trying to figure out how to use the images and information on the site, but we will definitely make sure to share it all! As a teaser, here to the left is a "propaganda" image from Tarrapinia. Click on it to see a larger view...

One thing that they have agreed to is to allow us to gather questions from all of you and compile a list of four or five at a time (maybe every 2 to 3 weeks) that we feel represent what's on everyone's minds at the time. They will then send us the answers to post to the site. More details on that later, but for now feel free to sign up for the forum and add your questions here for consideration...

Later all....

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Become a Funkey Babble Monkey! - Join the Forum

The forum was introduced and went live late this past Monday and then there was a bit of a technical issue so people couldn't sign up for most of Tuesday (sorry about that). That's all fixed now, so go therefore and babble!

Have a question about the game? Ask away! Have the answers, tips, tricks? Help the others!

The board is in it's infancy and needs you all to help build some momentum...

Go sign up to the UBFunkeys Babble Forum... Babble away!

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Character Pages Are All Live

The character pages are all live now. Feel free to visit the character page or just click on any Character below. There will be much more added to these pages as we have more time and as information is made available...

Bandit (Very Rare) Boggle Bones (Rare) Deuce (Rare) Dot (Very Rare) Drift (Very Rare) Fallout (Very Rare) Flurry (Rare) Glub Lotus (Very Rare) Nibble Scratch (Rare) Sol (Rare) Sprocket (Very Rare) Sprout (Very Rare) Stitch Tiki Twinx (Very Rare) Vroom (Rare) Wasabi Webley (Rare) Xener

Bandit, Boggle, Bones, Deuce, Dot, Drift, Fallout, Flurry, Glub, Lotus, Nibble, Scratch, Sol, Sprocket, Sprout, Stitch, Tiki, Twinx, Vroom, Wasabi, Webley, and Xener

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Character Page For Webley of Funkiki Island is Now Available


Don’t let their hairy scary appearance lead you astray, the Webley are a highly intelligent and creative tribe of legendary inventors and explorers. In fact, the Webley have patents and trademarks on more inventions and have discovered more lands than anyone else in Terrapinia...

For more information about the Webley, click on the image or simply click here for the Webley page.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

New U.B.Funkeys Forum!

I tried to get this up and running yesterday evening, but I didn't get very far in customizing the look and feel. I would have preferred to get it all nice and perfect before letting all you Funkey Monkeys loose, but I just can't see me getting back to it until the weekend. Things are busy enough at work that I'll be spending my free evenings working. That on top of the fact that many of you are starting to chat away on this blog section tells me you really want somewhere to talk about the game!

So with no further ado, I present to you the UBFunkeys Babble Forum...

Go! Sign up! Babble!

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Official Speed Racer Funkeys Update

I've been in contact with someone inside Mattel who has clarified that the release date on the Speed Racer UBFunkeys series that is on is incorrect. The actual release date is not set exactly yet, but is figured for the month of March 2008. I'm sure that this will be a bit of a disappointment to some, but with as many of the already release figures still missing from my collection, I'm a bit relieved. If they saturate the market too fast, it could backfire on them with people getting frustrated.

I was also given the official list of characters for Series 1...

Wave 1: Speed Racer, Chim-Chim, Cannonball Taylor, Trixie, Snake Oiler, Racer X

Wave 2: Speed Racer v2, Taejo

Keep checking back. We will continue to get new Funkeys updates from our new contact! :)

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Now Announcing the Wasabi Character Page


Originally from the shivery ice flow region, the Flurry are very cool under pressure making them the shrewdest negotiators in Terrapinia. It is said, they literally have ice water flowing through their veins. Legendary for their ability to sell anything to anyone, it is rumored that the Flurry even sold butter to the Boggle...

For more information about the Wasabi, click on the image or simply click here for the Wasabi page.

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The Sprout Character Page is Ready to Go


The Sprout are always precisely prim, particularly proper and the most purely polite of all of the Funkeys. The Sprout have perfectly manicured lawns, elaborate gardens and showpiece homes...

For more information about the Sprout, click on the image or simply click here for the Sprout page.

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Tiki Character Page Has Been Added as Well


The Tiki are believed to be the first Funkeys to inhabit Terrapinia. All other Funkeys evolved from the Tiki. The first Tiki crawled out of the primordial soup and walked on land over a million years ago...

For more information about the Tiki, click on the image or simply click here for the Tiki page.

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The Xener Character Page is Now Up


Xener means traveler in Funkey. In the late 40th century, Funkeys were obsessed with space travel. They spent millions of coins on missions that accomplished very little. The last flight mission crashed and remains intact to remind them of this frivolous program but the Xener still believe that space travel is the final frontier...

For more information about the Xener, click on the image or simply click here for the Xener page.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Flurry Character Page Now Up


Originally from the shivery ice flow region, the Flurry are very cool under pressure making them the shrewdest negotiators in Terrapinia. It is said, they literally have ice water flowing through their veins. Legendary for their ability to sell anything to anyone, it is rumored that the Flurry even sold butter to the Boggle...

For more information about the Flurry, click on the image or simply click here for the Flurry page.

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Series 2 Funkiki Island Character Page - Sol


Known for their optimistic outlooks and relaxed attitudes, the Sol bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of everyone they meet. When the Sol adventurer Pol-I-An-Na-Na Sol (called P-Sol by his friends) first reached Funkiki Island, he was sure that everyone would love to come to bask on the beautiful beaches and drink in the endless sunshine...

For more information about the Sol, click on the image or simply click here for the Sol page.

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eBay to the Rescue!

I finally broke down and bought one Series 2 figure (Sol) off ebay so the kids could play on the new Funkiki Island stuff. I'll post about what they think of the additions soon. I also grabbed the last figure I still needed from the original wave, the Very Rare Twinx. Woohoo!

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Series 2 Funkiki Island Figures Were Here!

Unfortunately for me and the kids, they're all sold out. Yup, three pegs full of them and every last one is gone. Here's a sad sad picture of the empty pegs... :(

This has been a mobile post by Augiewan.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

13 days and Counting – Speed Racer Funkeys!

Of course the 13 days is based solely on the release date posted on, so it’s possibly still going to be longer. There’s been no word elsewhere that I can find.

What we do know is that there will be 8 characters as Funkeys and one new USB hub. Only one color or rarity has been seen of any given character so far, and most of those have only been illustrations, so multiple rarities of each character doesn’t seem to be supported by the evidence. Also unknown is if there will be a CD with any special new optional software to load or if it will be the same U.B.Funkeys install CD. If not, there will have to at least be a new update that the software will download once they are released since we also know there will be an optional “garage” crib.

My best guesses for the characters based on the number 8 and the fact that this release is likely meant to be a marketing tie to the 2008 Speed Racer movie is as follows:

Confirmed Characters: (see earlier post with images)
Racer X, Chim Chim, Speed, Snake Oiler, and Taejo Togokhan

Other likely contenders:
Trixie, Mr. Musha, and Minx

Other possible characters:
Mom Racer, Pops Racer, Rex Racer, Inspector Detector, Ben Burns, Spritle, and Sparky

Don’t forget, you can pre-order the starter pack with the exclusive hub and the Racer X and Speed Funkeys here!New Speed Racer Funkeys Starter Set I've got mine pre-ordered, do you? :)

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One More Character Page For Tonight - Fallout


The Fallout are the mad scientists of Terrapinia. Scientists, in that they are constantly seen conducting strange experiments throughout Funkeys Town. Mad, oh yes, because Funkeys are always asking them what they are doing and interrupting their “important” work and, more notably, because their experiments rarely work...

For more information about the Fallout, click on the image or simply click here for the Fallout page.

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Twinx Character Page Up As Well


Twinx means “star” in the native Funkey language, and the Twinx embody this word. They have achieved celebrity status in Terrapinia...

For more information about the Twinx, click on the image or simply click here for the Twinx page.

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Lotus Character Page Now Up


Lotus are extremely calm & peaceful Funkeys and have an intense connection to the planet – the Great Mother Terrapin. Lotus are friends to all wildlife and have the ability to communicate with many different types of animals. Some say they can even talk to trees....

For more information about the Lotus, click on the image or simply click here for the Lotus page.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Boggle Character Page Added

The character section will continue to expand. Once I get the main pages up, I'll add more detail such as additional images, game overviews, etc. One of the characters added today was Boggle...


The Boggle are eating machines. Their highly advanced digestive systems can process anything from the most poisonous spiders to raw iron...

For more information about the Boggle, click on the image or simply click here for the Boggle page.

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