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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funkeys Ultimate Checklist Version 2.0

UPDATE: There is now a newer version of this checklist. You can find it here...

We hope to have an actual "downloads" section soon so people don't have to sift through blog entries looking for stuff like the checklists we've made, but for now this is going to have to do!

I scrapped the last design I was working on and borrowed the new head shots from the official site's checklist. The main differences between their version and ours are...

1) We used a white background to go easy on the printer ink.
2) We added checkboxes for keeping track of which ones you have.
3) We corrected the color issues with characters such as Scratch and Tiki. There was never a yellow Tiki released!
4) We added the UB's for all you obsessive collectors out there.
5) We cleaned up a lot of the faces. The one from the official site looked pretty muddy in some places because of compression.

We have a few more ideas to tweak this design again and make it a little more our own, so if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Sample thumbnail...

All three versions are made to print out on one sheet of paper...
Click here for the PDF version... (2.3MB)
Click here for the PNG version... (2.1MB)
Click here for the PSD version... (2.9MB)

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dream State Starters in Stock - $19.99!!! now has the Dream State Starter Packs for sale and in stock for the normal retail price! Go! Go!!!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dream State Funkeys Character Pages Added!

The character pages have been added for all of the Dream State figures. You can see the entire list of Funkeys here, or follow the links below to the specific one you want to see...

:: Berger :: Drift :: Dyer :: Gabby :: Holler :: Lucky :: Rewind :: Rom :: Ptep :: Snipe :: Sprocket :: Tank :: Vlurp :: Waggs ::

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dream State Starters at Toys R Us

The time has come! Robyn over at the UBFunkeysAreFun blog just posted her score of a Dream State starter pack this evening! She has a couple images up including some great pictures of future Funkey releases including an awesome "Abominable Snowman" Funkey!

I'm REALLY surprised we saw them hit stores before eBay this time around. The earlier releases always seemed to hit eBay first like they were getting leaked there.

If you live near a Toys R Us, GO!!! I'll personally wait for the 4 pack, but I know some of you won't want to wait... :)

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U.B.Funkeys Plush Toys, Apparel, and Consumer Electronics on the Way has an article wrapping up days 2 and 3 of the Licensing show going on in New York. Here's a snippet regarding Funkeys...

"Meanwhile, the U.B. Funkeys, from the company’s Radica division, are being licensed into plush as well as electronic tie-ins such as computer speakers and flash drives from Emerson in an exclusive program with Target this fall; the Funkeys push is the earliest ever outbound licensing campaign for a Mattel, according to a company representative. Mattel also confirmed that new apparel is in the works for all its key brands, including Barbie, Hot Wheels and the U.B. Funkeys."

I'd say the flash drives sound interesting. I'm sure many will like the Plush Funkeys as well... :)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mattel Hints at Coming Additions to the U.B.Funkeys Line

Mattel just put out a press release for the upcoming Licensing International Expo 2008. It talks about their coming plans for partnerships to expand their licensed brands. It starts out by mentioning Funkeys with it's other top brands, "Mattel Brands (Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Fisher-Price®, Polly Pocket™ and new brand U.B. Funkeys™) underscores its position as a premier global licensing leader at the 2008 Licensing International Show in New York City."

The article expands on Funkeys specifically with the following, "Emerson: Mattel Brands extends its partnership with Emerson beyond the Barbie™ brand and into the fast lane with Hot Wheels™ and U.B. Funkeys™. Hot Wheels™ races to the finish line with its first-ever consumer electronics collection with Emerson Electronics, featuring everything from MP3 players to cool audio electronics. U.B. Funkeys™ brings the urban vinyl trend to electronic enthusiasts everywhere with computer accessories created in the likenesses of its popular characters. (Fall 2008)"

You can read the whole article here...

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Funkeys 3.0 Update Downloaded Today!

The wait is over! What we're pretty sure is the Dream State update (version 3.0) has started downloading to computers today. Here's what you get greeted with when you log in...

My computer is currently downloading and it's late, so we'll see tomorrow what all we find new! Get your's downloading too and talk about it here in the Funkeys Babble Forum...

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Watching for Dream State

With the past few Funkeys series releases, most of us learned that they were hitting the market by the fact they started showing up on eBay. Looking around today, I found a cool little tool that lets you see what is up on eBay for a given search term, so I decided to add it here to the top of the page until they come out. That way we can all watch for them together. Once they start showing up, there will be little images of them in the box below. It's kinda neat, go ahead and test it out by typing in a different term like "funkeys wasabi" or something...

Update: The widget was removed from this post and added to the top of the home page...

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Dream State Games Named for Wave 1

One last little piece of info I forgot to add to the last few Dream State updates is the name of the four new games for Wave 1...

Ptep Game: Pyramid Puzzler
Waggs Game: Wagg-Words
Drift Game: Flipper Fever
Vlurp Game: Perplexing Paths

That pretty much wraps up all the "new" info I have to share with everyone until the Dream State update hits our computers.

Have a good one!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Dream State Characters Goya and Marshal

In this image above, we have two new characters to the Funkeys world. We've had a small peek at them on the main site (see the image below) but we now have clearer images and names to put to the faces!

The one that many have said looks like Boggle in a trench coat is named Marshal. We don't know anything about Marshal's story yet, but look forward to finding out.

The monster/dog looking thing is named Goya and is one of the new "bad guys" introduced in Dream State.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Vlurp and Wags Color Variations

Sorry all, didn't have much time today to put together anything fancy. Here are the last two Wave 1 color variations... :)

Common Vlurp, Rare Vlurp, and Very Rare Vlurp in that order...

Common Wags, Rare Wags, and Very Rare Wags in that order...

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pre-Order Dream State Funkeys

I've only been able to find one place online that is offering pre-orders for the Dream State Funkeys so far and that is which is a site I've shopped at before for other action figure purchases, but never Funkeys. I have to say that the prices they are offering are a bit higher than I'm willing to pay myself, but I figured I'd let everyone know and make that choice themselves. If you want to just get them ordered and not worry about it, I can say they're a pretty good company to buy from...

UB FunKeys Dream State 4-Pack w/Hub Starter Kit with Ptep, Vlurp, Drift, and Wags...

UB FunKeys Dream State 2-Pack w/ Hub Starter Kit with Drift and Bones...

UB FunKeys Dream State Sealed Case of 4 Random Singles...

UB FunKeys Dream State Sealed Case of 4 Random Chat-Packs...

I'll also throw in a new Dream State image for this post since the colors for Drift are already know by most... :)

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