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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funkeys Game Creators Mulch and Ace on eBay

Just got word overnight from the forum's Funkikiflurry that Ace and Mulch were on eBay. Sure enough I checked and there is currently one Mulch listing and one Ace listing. Both are set to end on August 1st. Hopefully we'll be seeing them all in stores soon! :)

You can click the images to see them on eBay...
Funkeys Game Creator Ace Funkeys Game Creator Mulch

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Very Rare Paradox Figures, Something Is Very Wrong

So I've been watching the Paradox Green figures on eBay so far (or I guess I should just call them Series 5 since two of them are labeled as Hidden Realm) and I know I can't be the only one wondering why in the world they've all been the Very Rare versions so far? I'm not saying that "a lot" of them are the Very Rare, "ALL" of them have been so far.

Take a look. Here are links to each of the four figures out so far on eBay right now. As of the time I'm writing this, here are the counts:

Nectar: Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 11

Tadd: Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 8

Rastro: Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 12

Maul: Common: 0 - Rare: 0 - Very Rare: 14

So what's up?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update: Maul and Nectar Sighted as Well

The same seller that sold the Rastro and Tadd now has Nectar and Maul up, again both the VERY RARE versions! They are "Buy It Now" auctions for $24.99 so you better hurry if you want them! :)

Maul is here... -- Nectar is here...

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Paradox Green Figures are Finally Here!

Checked eBay earlier and "Bam!", there they were. Then they were gone! :( Yeah, Paradox Green Funkeys were on eBay, the VERY RARE versions of both Tadd and Rastro and they sold via "Buy It Now" for $24.99 each. The seller was either in a hurry to make some money or didn't realize how much more they would have likely gotten if they had left them up for bidding. They always go crazy high at first...

Anyway, this is what many of us have been waiting for! The floodgates will likely open soon on eBay for those who don't have good distribution nearby. I seriously still haven't found any multiplayer Dream State figures in the store but one time. Of course the TWO they had were both ones I had already broken down and purchased on eBay months after being released. But enough about me!

Check to see if there are Paradox Funkeys on eBay now!

Interestingly, the seller was out of Chicago this time. Might be a good idea to keep an eye open in that area. :) These are the ones that sold already...

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do You Have a Funkeys Website or Blog?

I posted some links a few days back and there has been a lot of traffic flowing to those Funkeys Blogs. I've heard some nice things about the increased visits, so I was thinking about creating a "Funkeys Links" page and list more to help others out.

If you run a site or blog that focuses on U.B.Funkeys and you want it listed, please PM me (augiewan) on the forum with the information listed below. Do this even if I listed you before! If you focus on a couple things (such as Funkeys and Club Penguin) that's fine but make sure to mention that in your PM. This isn't open to a general blog that mentions Funkeys once in a while, sorry...

If you know of someone who runs one, let them know about this so they can be included!

DON'T POST THE INFO IN A COMMENT HERE! Send me a PM in the forum...

So here's what I need in the PM:

1) Your nickname you want listed as the person running the site.
2) The URL (address) of the site/blog.
3) Is the site entirely devoted to Funkeys or is it split with something else?
4) If it's split with something else, what is it? (bionicle, club penguin, etc...)

That should do it! :)

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Wendy's Kid's Meals to Include U.B.Funkeys Toys

Just found out that one of the next rounds of Kid's Meal toys at the Wendy's fast food restaurant will be based out beloved Funkeys! The picture below shows what will be included in the selection. It includes 2 different CD's with games of some sort, a pink Funkeys bobble-head based on Wendy (sort of), a fold out Funkeys 3D board game, and a yellow and red Funkeys backpack clip. The kids don't get Wendy's very often, but something tells me they're going to be getting a few Kid's Meals soon... :)

You can see it for yourself over on the Wendy's site if you'd like. Click here and then click on "Coming Soon" when you get there...

If you see them show up at Wendy's post here!!!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

New custom Funkeys and Non-Funkeys

While I wait for the actual figures to come out for Paradox Green, I've been playing with the custom toy painting again. Here's one I'm working on, though I'm not sure how to finish it. It's a reproduction of an Alphonse Mucha painting on the Funkeys head and I'm not sure if I should continue reproducing the painting down the body, or create something completely different to match the head in another way. Thoughts? :)

Also, I've finished up a set of custom painted toys from the designer toy series called Rolitoboy: French Kiss. They just got added to a site called Delicious Drips (quite an honor!) and if any of you like what you see, please follow the link below or click on the images to go vote for them! :)

Check them out here!

If you are curious, here's what the original toys look like...

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Paradox Green Portal Jammer Fun

I'm personally trying to wait for the actual Paradox Green figures come out before doing much exploring. I know others have been using portal jammers and have been posting a lot of great info. If you WANT to know what's coming, check out some of these sites...

If there are other sites out there doing some digging like these folks, just add a comment with your URL. (I don't usually approve comments with links in them, but for this I will) :)

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