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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Funkeys Babble Forum 2.0 Now Open

The U.B.Funkeys Babble Forum Version 2.0 is now open. Please do not use usernames that you know were used by others on the old forum. They will have first dibs on those usernames, so if you take them you'll have to choose another anyway...

Sorry for all the problems. Click here, sign up, and enjoy!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Funkeys Babble 2008-2009 - RIP (2.0 on the way)

It’s hard for me to admit defeat, but the Funkeys Babble forum suffered a tragic end today. The database is completely corrupt and the hosting service I use does not allow for the replacement of a database that large from backup.

I do plan to re-instate a forum here, and hope to have at least a general area to converse in by the end of the night. User accounts will need to be re-created, so everyone please avoid using usernames that you know others were using here. I’m going to allow those who had them the first time keep them based on e-mail address, so if you make one that someone else already has claim to, you’ll lose it and have to choose a new name.

I’ll update you all as I have news. Tonight as I said before will be very basic. I’ll add the categories and the look & feel of the old forum as I get time this week.

Sorry all, I’m just as disappointed as the rest of you. This was my baby…

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Forum Smilies Including Hidden Realm

It took a while, but I've finally finished making the new smilies for the forum. They have a new look to them that I like much better and I have now added the Funkeystown Adventure Pack characters as well as Hidden Realm. Go update your collection threads!

Oh and there's now individual smilies for the three rarities of scratch, so you'll want to update those as well. Some samples...

:xenerv: :twinxr: :henchred: :mayor: :master: :native: :ubsr: ::UBDSPink:: ::UBDSBlack:: :rom: :gabby: :dot: :sprocketr: :dyerv: :ubhr: :singev:

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

WTGTIV's Awesome Custom Funkeys

As anyone on the Funkeys Babble Forum knows, WTGTIV is one talented dude... :) Between his animated Funkeys graphics and his custom painted Funkeys, we were all impressed. But now he's outdone himself with these Funkeys Familiars he created...

If you'd like to see his other Custom Funkeys and larger views of these Familiars, click here...

If you'd like to see all of his great animated graphics, click here...

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

U.B.Funkeys Babble Forum One Year Old!

Today, January 6th marks the one year anniversary of the U.B.Funkeys Babble Forum going online! In a freak coincidence, we had our 800th member join today as well... :)

If you still haven't joined in the conversation, come on in!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Babble Forum Fixed!

While the majority of the forum members were blissfully unaware of the problems, I've been frantically trying to fix some issues with the forum the last two evenings. (yes, that's why you've been seeing "augietest" accounts on the boards) I realized that the extremely low new-member rate since August 20th or so was because most if not all those who submitted their registration after that date were getting an error page and never received their confirmation e-mail. On top of that, the forum WAS creating the non-activated accounts which meant that every time someone would try again to make an account (and believe me, there were some that tried 5 or 6 times) they had to use a different e-mail address. It ended up being something tied to the high-score display that I built in to everyone's member profile page, and unfortunately in the end, I had to get rid of that feature...

I'm very sorry to those who have been going through this very frustrating process. If you still feel like joining, everything seems to working just dandy again.

FOR THOSE WHO GOT A REMINDER E-MAIL YESTERDAY: If you got one and clicked to confirm your account, you may be one of a small group who's accounts were just too messed up to work correctly. If you are, you will not see ANY posts when you log in. If this is the case, I again apologize because you'll need to start from scratch and make a new account. If you really like the user name you used, or you only have one e-mail address, please submit to me the user name you created and the e-mail address associated to it and I'll delete the account making way for you to recreate it.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ouch! Funkeys Babble Forum Back in Action After Outage

Sorry to all those who were trying to get in to the UBFunkeys Babble Forum or who were just coming for Funkeys updates! Our host server seems to have had something bad for breakfast and theSpeakEasy was down for while this afternoon. It’s disappointing that it happened, but then again it was a first after hosting with the company for many years. Working in an Internet related field, I happen to know first-hand that things don’t run smoothly ALL the time.

So with that said, welcome to those who are just discovering the site and welcome back to all those returning. Sorry to those who had to munch on antacids while they wondered if the site was coming back... (a certain someone from Guam maybe?) Sorry, inside joke...

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funkeys Images and Forum Facelift

I had a little spare time today, so I went ahead and did a little sprucing up in the forum. I've gotten some positive feedback so far so yeah for me!

I've also successfully posted small image galleries to each character page now. I still have plenty of other images to use in creating an "Image Gallery" as well, but at least the character pages have a little more meat to them now.

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