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Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Newsletter Teaser, Lotus Artwork

I really shouldn't be doing this because I think I've built up the newsletter at this point in a way that can't be delivered on. I do plan to make it informative and give subscribers "first looks" at new nuggets of joy, and it will be well worth signing up for, but like I said a few days ago, I've already had to chuck the elaborate HTML design I was going to use because of time constraints.

Also for anyone who has contacted me in the forum offering writing help but have yet to get an assignment, please contact me again! There are still writing assignment to give out...

So again to tease you in to signing up, here's another teaser of the type of things you'll get to see first only if you sign up! :)

Lotus artwork from a yet to be revealed source! Bwahahah!!!

Sign up today! :)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Funkeys Newsletter Teaser, Plus Update

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't been able to find that extra 12 hours in the day that would help get so many more things done, and because of it our first issue of the Terrapinia Times has suffered as much as my other projects. But I've made some hard decisions and plan to shift gears on the newsletter a bit. The original plan was to have it be a very visual and interactive experience, but it's proving to take too much time to develop and I'd rather opt for getting the news out and keeping it recent and relevant.

So while I decide what should stay and what should go for the first issue and get things together (and get a few more things written!), here's another teaser of the type of things you'll get to see first only if you sign up! :)

Part of a pre-production sketch...

Sign up today! :)

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

First Custom U.B.Funkeys by Augiewan

I've completed my first two custom painted U.B.Funkeys. The first picture below shows them together, followed by close-ups of Cinnamon and then Pox. I'd love to hear comments!

Custom U.B.Funkeys - Cinnamon and Pox Custom U.B.Funkeys - Cinnamon Custom U.B.Funkeys - Cinnamon Custom U.B.Funkeys - Cinnamon Custom U.B.Funkeys - Cinnamon Custom U.B.Funkeys - Pox Custom U.B.Funkeys - Pox Custom U.B.Funkeys - Pox Custom U.B.Funkeys - Pox

Feel free to leave a comment here or join in the conversation in the forum...

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ouch! Funkeys Babble Forum Back in Action After Outage

Sorry to all those who were trying to get in to the UBFunkeys Babble Forum or who were just coming for Funkeys updates! Our host server seems to have had something bad for breakfast and theSpeakEasy was down for while this afternoon. It’s disappointing that it happened, but then again it was a first after hosting with the company for many years. Working in an Internet related field, I happen to know first-hand that things don’t run smoothly ALL the time.

So with that said, welcome to those who are just discovering the site and welcome back to all those returning. Sorry to those who had to munch on antacids while they wondered if the site was coming back... (a certain someone from Guam maybe?) Sorry, inside joke...

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

All Six Speed Racer U.B.Funkeys... Check!

OK, yes... I still have to hunt down all the variations of the six Speed Racer Funkeys that have been released so far, but I do at least have one of each. And the amazing thing is that I got them all at the store (Toys R Us specifically). But the point is that I found them without having to resort to eBay! That's much better than it's been in the Midwest since the first wave of the first series. What I got was the starter set with the common versions of Speed Racer and Chim-Chim and the following singles... Trixie (common), Racer X (rare), Cannonball Taylor (very rare), and Snake Oiler (very rare). This was actually last week that I got them but I finally took a few pictures with my cellphone.

I'll be hitting Toys R Us again tonight to see if they have any more. I'll also take some better pictures soon.

Click them for larger images...
Trixie Chim-Chim Snake Oiler Cannonball Taylor Speed Racer and Racer X

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Speed Racer Character Bios Added to Characters Page

Just a quick update to let you all know that the Speed Racer Funkeys' Character Bios have been added to the characters page. There are also small image galleries for each character on those pages. There will be more added, but I wanted to let you know they were up...

Also a big thanks to webgopher for typing out the bios for me! Those new pages would have taken me forever to get up without the help...

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

All Dream State Funkeys Officially Named

The final figures from the Dream State series now have official names! Click on the images below to see them visually associated to their names...

Last to get official names:
Tank (Scuba Gear)
Vlurp (Vampire)
Ptep (Mummy)
Rom (LOL Chat)
Rewind (Parrot Chat)
Holler (Yelling Guy Chat)

Dream State U.B.Funkeys - Series Three - Dreamstate Funkeys
Click here for a much larger view with names...

Dream State Chat U.B.Funkeys - Series Three - Chat Funkeys
Click here for a much larger view with names...

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