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"Ask Funk-E" is an exciting feature here at theSpeakEasy. Funk-E (our wonderful contact within the Mattel organization) has agreed to answer questions directly from the fan base. We know Funk-E is busy so we've offered to use our forum as an area to gather questions and suggestions and on roughly a monthly basis we'll gather up the ones that are most commonly posted or just happen to be great questions and pass them along.

If you would like to get a question in the mix, please go here and post to the most current thread. You look around and read all you'd like, but you will need to join the forum if you want to post.

PLEASE NOTE: These question and answer sessions between theSpeakEasy and Funk-E are the product of a lot of time spent and made available to all in good will. They should NOT be copied word for word on other sites. Please feel free to talk about the news here in any forum of newsgroup you'd like, but make sure to link back to these pages so that others can get all the information here.

We think they have some great little tid-bits of info! Enjoy...

Feb, 11 2009 - Installment #4
DC Heroes Funkeys - New Adventure Packs - Dot's Future - Deleting Accounts - The Red Buttons - Chats as Singles - The Final Verdict for Vista 64 - The Fate of Speed Racer - Mesofunkey Plains and Beautiful Garden - Fan Suggestions

Sept, 16 2008 - Installment #3
Hidden Realm Funkeys - DC Heroes Funkeys - Adventure Packs - Release Dates - International Shipping - Dot, the SDCC Exclusive Funkey - Bandit and Tach - Additional Chat Features - Changing Crib Names - Funkeys Apparel - TONS of Fan Suggestions

July 22, 2008 - Installment #2
Unique Account Names - Chat Funkeys - Mail-In Offers - Tribal Genders (aka: is Berger a male?) - The Invisible Funkey - The Big Red Button - Dream State Starter Packs - What About Tach? - Fate of the Speed Racer Series - Tamagotchies-style Funkey Giga Pets - Ask Funk-E Installment #3 from San Diego? - Fan Suggestions

June 2008 - Installment #1
Funkey Series Retirement - Additional U.B.Funkeys Merchandise - Promotional Figures - International Distribution - Licenses Beyond Speed Racer - Cleaning Your Funkeys - Windows Vista 64-bit Driver Issue - Mac Compatability - GenCon2008 / San Diego Comic-Con - Fan Suggestions

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