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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Speed Racer and Dream State series updates!

All the rumors and all the excitement coming from the 2008 New York Toy Fair images being posted online have really created quite a buzz within the Funkeys community, and with good reason. We have two big releases on the horizon in 2008, one series brining a new twist by adding a licensed brand to the game, and the other being a huge release promising to bring lots of new functionality to the game. So here’s the info that Mattel has shared…

Speed Racer U.B.Funkeys Series - Speedracer Funkeys
Click here for a much larger view...

The Speed Racer Series: This series is meant as a stand-alone series that will have its own zone, its own games and even its own type of crib, which will look like (what else?) a car garage. Now don’t get the wrong impression, the worlds and characters will be interchangeable, so once you travel to Funkiki Island, you will be able to have Racer X walk around and see the sites. But the series is more of a tie-in and not part of the “official” Funkeys storyline.

The confirmed character set is as follows. Wave 1 is scheduled for release in March, will likely hit shelves in April and will consist of Speed Racer, Chim-Chim, Cannonball Taylor, Trixie, Snake Oiler, and Racer X. Wave 2 will be release a bit later and will have most of the same characters with the addition of Taejo and a different version of Speed Racer. There will be a Common > Rare > Very Rare version of each just like with the normal Funkeys, but due to licensing they cannot have complete color changes. Instead they will have small changes such as metallic paint highlights or different facial expressions.

Dream State U.B.Funkeys - Series Three - Dreamstate Funkeys
Click here for a much larger view...

Series Three – Dream State: This series does not have a release date yet, but it will definitely be at least summertime before we see any in stores, likely late summer. There will be 10 new classic shaped Funkeys, some of which will be Multi-Player Funkeys. There will also be 4 Chat Funkeys from the new design that includes the antennas (seen at Toy Fair) for a total of 14 characters. The wave configurations have not been finalized and neither have all of their names, but Sprocket and Drift from the original packaging as well as Waggs (the Puppy), Lucky (the Rainbow head), Dyer (the Peace symbol), Berger (the Cow), Snipe (Special Ops character with night vision goggles) are confirmed from the 10 classic Funkeys, and Gabby (Pink Lips) has been confirmed from the Chat Funkey line. The 10 classic Funkeys will come in the standard Common > Rare > Very Rare color assortment and the Chat Funkeys will only come in one color each.

Dream State Chat U.B.Funkeys - Series Three - Chat Funkeys
Click here for a much larger view...

One thing to note is that Bandit and Dot are NOT part of Series 3 and will be part of a future series. The other question in many people’s minds is in regards to all the “other” characters seen at Toy Fair such as Mayor Sayso, The Henchmen, the Natives, the Pineapple King, and Master Lox. There has been speculation that these would be released possibly as playable figures, possibly as just toys to play with or display with your Funkeys. None of this has been confirmed or denied by Mattel. Our personal gut feelings here at theSpeakEasy are that they were only prototype creations meant to enhance the display at Toy Fair. But who knows, if Mattel finds out how many people would shell out good money just to add them to their displays, we could end up seeing them some day. Maybe as a mail-in offer? Huh Mattel? What do you think?

Discuss this news here...

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Nominated for two, win one 2008 Toy Awards

U.B.Funkeys were nominated for two different 2008 Toy Awards. The toy line won the International Toy Innovation Award in the category of Emotion + Experience. U.B.Funkeys were also nominated for the Toy Industry Association's Toy of the Year Award in the category of Electronic Entertainment, but were somehow dubiously beaten out by some goofy toy guitar (hmmm, never seen one of THOSE before). Maybe I'm a bit prejudice but come on! THIS, is award worthy? Yawn...

2008 International Toy Innovation Award Nominees
2008 International Toy Innovation Award Winners

2008 Toy Industry Association's Toy of the Year Award Nominees
2008 Toy Industry Association's Toy of the Year Award Winners

Discuss these awards here...

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

More images added to the NY Toy Fair Gallery

As more 2008 New York Toy Fair images are making it to the Internet, we've continued to gather as many as we can that were taken of the U.B.Funkeys display. Added recently are images from and So far, the images from have been some of the best up-close shots of the new Speed Racer and Dream State series.

Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Dream State Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Dream State Funkey - Toy Fair 2008

Check them all out here in the gallery...

Feel free to join the conversation about these images here...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More UBFunkeys Toy Fair 2008 Images!

More and more images keep popping up! Click here for the growing gallery here @ theSpeakEasy. Here are the images found on the website...

Mummy Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Native - Toy Fair 2008 Mayor Sayso - Toy Fair 2008 Master Lox - Toy Fair 2008 Peace Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Rainbow Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Odometer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Chat Funkeys - Toy Fair 2008 Blue Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkeys - Toy Fair 2008 Sprocket Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Nightmare Funkey Dracula Vampire - Toy Fair 2008 Screaming Chat Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Green Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Red Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Pineapple King - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Beach Bum Funkey - Toy Fair 2008

Discuss all the Toy fare images and news here!

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More Funkeys images from the 2008 New York Toy Fair

More images are starting to surface from the show! Click here for the growing gallery here @ theSpeakEasy. Here's a few snippets from the round just found on the Toy News International website...

Discuss all the Toy fare images and news here!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

First U.B.Funkeys Image from Toy Fair 2008

That's right, we have located our first Funkeys image out there posted on the Internet from the New York Toy Fair 2008! It was found on the New York Daily News site and was first reported in our Forum early this morning by "Roxxxxxxx", who seems to always have a leg up on all of us finding Funkeys news posted online...

UBFunkeys at the NY Toy Fair

What we do know about the Funkeys in this image is the following...

1) The two in blue packaging on the left are from the upcoming Speed Racer series due out this spring.

2)The rest shown are from the big Series three summer release, at least some of which will be called "Dream State".

3) As we've discussed a little in a previous post, the summer release will add new interactive functionality to the game.

4) The two-pack shown in front on the right says "1 Funkey, 1 MultiPlayer", so that seems to imply that at least some of the new functionality will be limited to specific characters which will please parents that are concerned about their children being able to interact with others they may not know.

5) Of all the characters in the summer release that we can confirm from this picture, we do know the name of at least two of them. Sprocket and Drift are seen in the starter pack, shown with a UB hub.

6) For the first time, we see a character that is not from the same mold as the rest of the Funkeys. It looks to be a parrot of some sort.

If you see any more images posted around, let us know!

Feel free to discuss this here in the forum...

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Funkeys "Dream State" Series Announced by Mattel

UPDATE: There are lots of new images here from the 2008 New York Toy Fair!

U.B. Funkeys™ Figures - U.B. Funkeys™ keeps growing! Master Lox has returned and now lays claim to the Funkeys' dreams. Dream State™, the latest series from U.B. Funkeys™, features 10 new Funkeys characters allowing kids to unlock and explore two new zones - "Nightmare" and "Daydream." Each Funkeys character unlocks a different game in the zone, and opens up new and exciting items for kids to buy and add when customizing their "cribs." And, for the first time, U.B. Funkeys™ will introduce "Chat" Funkeys, letting players communicate with each other safely in the game, and "Multiplayer" Funkeys to let players compete against their friends. Also new for Dream State™ are Quests, where players can earn coins and items by completing specific missions.

More info to come as we can dig it up!

Discuss this news here!

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Maps From UBFunkeys Now Available

Have you been looking for good maps from the UBFunkeys game? Well look no further! After many tedious lines of HTML and uploading lots of images, you can now see each Zone of Terrapinia in all it's glory...

Click here for the main Maps Page

Hope you enjoy! If you have a slow connection, they might take a while, they're HUGE!

You can discuss these maps in this topic in our handy dandy forum.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funkeys Images and Forum Facelift

I had a little spare time today, so I went ahead and did a little sprucing up in the forum. I've gotten some positive feedback so far so yeah for me!

I've also successfully posted small image galleries to each character page now. I still have plenty of other images to use in creating an "Image Gallery" as well, but at least the character pages have a little more meat to them now.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Funkeys Forum Growing Rapidly

The Funkeys Forum here at theSpeakEasy has been growing at a pretty good clip since we opened it a month ago. We have just today hit the 100 member mark and have a great group of players and parent of players sharing secrets of the game and enjoying the game together.

If you haven't yet joined, you should! Click here to take a look around...


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Nominated for Toy of the Year!

That's right folks, Mattel / Radica's U.B.Funkeys have been nominated in the best toys of 2008 competition, from the Toy Industry Association. The Toy of the Year awards are held in New York at the American International Toy Fair.

Our beloved Funkeys have been nominated in the ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT TOY OF THE YEAR category along with the following...

U.B. Funkeys – Mattel, Inc.
American Idol Talent Challenge – KID Design, Inc.
Easy Link™ Internet Launch Pad – Fisher-Price
Power Tour Electric Guitar – Tiger Electronics
Rescue Pets – MGA Entertainment

Let's all hope they get the win they deserve!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Link to us using our new Mini ubf@tse Banners

We now have a small collection mini banners for you to use if you'd like to link to us from your own site, blog, MySpace page, or wherever. Click here if you need the HTML code to make it easy...

Link to us at at Link to us at at
Link to us at at Link to us at at

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