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Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Blow to the Funkeys Faithful

Mattel has closed the official forums on I don't frequent there, so I'm not sure how recently this was done, but it couldn't have been that long ago.

I fear that whatever the people on the support lines are being told to say, the writing is on the wall at this point.

I haven't been able to get any feedback from our friend Funk-E at Mattel in quite a long time either. I think Mattel is handling this all pretty poorly really after all the time and money the fans have put in to Funkeys.

The fact that Paradox Green was so poorly launched with the color/rarity variations not being available and the Game Creator function never really working to it's full potential that was promised on the packaging, I really thought Mattel would stand behind their product and make an effort to right what they did wrong. Release at least one correct and functional series and see if they could regain the sales and user level they had achieved.

I'm sad about this. For one, I welcome anyone to the forums here that has come from the official site. I hope you find that it is warm and inviting.

I have no plans to stop running this site as long as there are Funkeys Fans wanting to use it. Long live Funkeys!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking Back at Paradox Green

I didn't end up having the kind of time in 09 that I had hoped to spend on this site and enjoying Funkeys with my youngest son. Between our lack of playing time, and the over-all lack of Funkeys news I never really got around to talking much about the new feature we got with Paradox Green.

Which is sad, because the Game Creator tools that are opened up with Ace and Mulch are probably one of the coolest thing they've introduced since the initial launch of U.B.Funkeys. So please, feel free to comment here about what you liked (or disliked) about the new feature. What would you like to see them do to expand the feature if we do see further expansion of the Funkeys universe in 2010?

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