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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plush Funkeys, Funkeys Waterbottle, and Funkeys Mousepad

There is a recent increase in U.B.Funkeys related merchandise popping up. The biggest news regarding official merchandise is the fact that the plush line of Funkeys has started showing up in Target stores! Though they are not selling them on, they are making their way on to eBay now.
U.B.Funkeys Plush Stuffed Funkeys

Also showing up on eBay are some promotional items that look to have been given away earlier this year at the San Diego Comic Con. There is currently a water bottle featuring an image of Tank for sale here...
U.B.Funkeys water bottle Funkeys waterbottle Tank

There was also a Funkeys mousepad that just sold a few days ago...
U.B.Funkeys mouse pad Funkeys mousepad

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ask Funk-E Installment #3

The third installment of Ask Funk-E has just been posted! This is the biggest round of questions yet...

Topics include: Hidden Realm Funkeys - DC Heroes Funkeys - Adventure Packs - Release Dates - International Shipping - Dot, the SDCC Exclusive Funkey - Bandit and Tach - Additional Chat Features - Changing Crib Names - Funkeys Apparel - TONS of Fan Suggestions


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Monday, July 28, 2008

SDCC 2008 Funkeys Images - DC Heroes

Yes it looks as though the next licensed series for the U.B.Funkeys line will be based on DC super heroes! These prototypes from the San Diego Comic-Con look really cool. I'm personally looking forward to these MUCH more than I was to the Speed Racer series. Below we see a Superman Funkey, a Wonder Woman Funkey, a Green Lantern Funkey, a Batman Funkey, a Flash Funkey, and an Aquaman Funkey.

Click on an image for a larger view...

Discuss! :)

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SDCC 2008 Funkeys Images - Hidden Realm

Images are showing up around the Internet of the new Funkeys Series: Hidden Realm, scheduled for 2009. As you can see in the image they are still awaiting licensing approval, so there's no guarantee we'll ever see them, at least not necessarily in the forms they're in right now. Some on the forum have already pointed out that the two of them that are on the side of the Dream State starter packaging look slightly different than the prototypes in these images below from the San Diego Comic-Con.

After the three images of the Hidden Realm figures, there's a fun image of a henchman propaganda poster with some huge funkeys statues from Dream State in front of it...

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exclusive Dot Variant to be Released at the SDCC?

Our forum member Pickle has brought to light some recent announcements regarding an Exclusive SDCC "ladybug" Funkey. Could this be our first look at Dot? Being an exclusive, will it be a fourth color variation from the previously released images? We'll find out soon! From the way it's worded below in this release from Mattel, it sounds like it will be immediately playable as well, so there will need to be some sort of download involved. It will either need to be a general download or perhaps one that is activated by this exclusive figure being placed on the UB? Again, questions we should know the answers to soon after the Comic-Con!


Funkeys Exclusive Ladybug - A brand new Funkeys experience with unique online play. Still not consumed by the Funkey’s world? Stop by and pick up a starter kit as well and get your Funkey in full gear. $10.00.

To give fans not attending Comic-Con a chance to own these exclusives, Mattel will be launching a new Collector Website. A very limited number of each of this year’s SDCC exclusives will go on sale on the new site at 8:00am EST on July 28th.

The new website will also provide the latest news, updates, and previews on Mattel's latest toy lines and will also be the EXCLUSIVE HOME of their new Masters of the Universe Classic action figures with a new character to be made available EACH MONTH starting this fall. The URL to this exciting new site will be unveiled at Comic-Con.

So anyone else getting up early on the 28th?

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