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Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Images of the Funkeys Computer Speakers

Our forum member webgopher posted some images of the Scratch speakers she bought from Target. As you can see in the images, they are bigger than the UB hub, which is bigger than I expected them to be! The ring around his face also lights up. I do believe I'm going to have to track a set of these down... :)

I also see that there are currently a few sets on eBay...

Funkeys Speakers next to UB Hub
Funkeys Speakers in Packaging

You can see the whole thread here and join the conversation...

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Sneaky Marketing at Walmart Stores - Beware Funkeys Hunters!

I know that most Funkeys addicts would never fall for this, but what I saw at Walmart made me chuckle at first, then get upset. RIGHT next to our beloved Funkeys, they hung pegs with some digital frames that are called "Funky Frames". They have NO relation to Funkeys, but I guarantee you that they were placed there to promote through confusion. They know that there are going to be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it that know that some kid in their family loves these little "funky things" and when they see the frames with a similar name right next to the product in question, some will fall for it and buy them out of kindness. I think it equates to false advertising myself. What do you think? Discuss it here...

Funky Frames at Walmart
Close-Up of Funky Frames at Walmart

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Exclusive Dot Funkey Showing Up On eBay

For those who haven't noticed yet, there are exclusive Dot figures from the San Diego Comic-Con showing up on eBay now. From the look of it, they must have been limited to 2 per person because I haven't seen the same seller list more two of them. With only 2000 out there in total, these might become pretty tough to find soon...

Exclusive SDCC Dot Funkey

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XL Funkeys Custom Art Show

Mattel and MunkyKing are working together to put on a charity event in Los Angeles, CA for the Mattel Children's Foundation on Friday, September 26th. This event will be a custom art show featuring XL size Funkeys with original painted designs by various artists.

I did inquire about the artists participating. All I know for sure is that it's not an open submission event and the artists have been predetermined already. As more information (and hopefully more images) become available, I'll be sure to share!

XL Funkeys Art Show
Mattel and MunkyKing Custom XL Funkey


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SDCC 2008 Funkeys Images - DC Heroes

Yes it looks as though the next licensed series for the U.B.Funkeys line will be based on DC super heroes! These prototypes from the San Diego Comic-Con look really cool. I'm personally looking forward to these MUCH more than I was to the Speed Racer series. Below we see a Superman Funkey, a Wonder Woman Funkey, a Green Lantern Funkey, a Batman Funkey, a Flash Funkey, and an Aquaman Funkey.

Click on an image for a larger view...

Discuss! :)

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SDCC 2008 Funkeys Images - Hidden Realm

Images are showing up around the Internet of the new Funkeys Series: Hidden Realm, scheduled for 2009. As you can see in the image they are still awaiting licensing approval, so there's no guarantee we'll ever see them, at least not necessarily in the forms they're in right now. Some on the forum have already pointed out that the two of them that are on the side of the Dream State starter packaging look slightly different than the prototypes in these images below from the San Diego Comic-Con.

After the three images of the Hidden Realm figures, there's a fun image of a henchman propaganda poster with some huge funkeys statues from Dream State in front of it...

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Funkeys News with Ask Funk-E #2

We've just posted the much-overdue second installment of Ask Funk-E! In this edition, you'll get to read Funk-E's responses to questions regarding Unique Account Names, Chat Funkeys, possible Mail-In Offers, Tribal Genders (aka: is Berger a male?), the Invisible Funkey, the Big Red Button, Dream State Starter Packs, a possible Tach Funkey, the Fate of the Speed Racer Series, possible Tamagotchies-style Funkey Giga Pets, Ask Funk-E Installment #3 from San Diego, and Fan Suggestions.

There are some great tid-bits and a bit of sad news as well regarding the Speed Racer Series. Read up and then jump over to the forum to chat about it...

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update 3.05 Realeased - Dot Added to Funkeystown

The download for version 3.05 hit on Friday and Dot's place is added the the Funkeystown map, all but assuring us that the talked about "ladybug" exclusive Funkey to be sold at the San Diego Comic-Con will indeed be Dot. Questions still swirl regarding which version of Dot will be release. Or will all three?

Below you can see some screen-shots of what's to come...

Outside Dot's Place
Inside Dot's Place
Dot's Shop
Dot's Game

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Friday, July 18, 2008

First Screenshots of Nightmare Rift Show Up Online

One of the members over on the official site's forum posted some images of Nightmare Rift after they scored a Ptep figure. Now that the singles are also showing up on eBay, I'm sure this will be old news pretty quickly, but for those who are going to be waiting for their local Targets and Walmarts to get stock, here are some sneak peaks!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scratch Revealed as the Rumored U.B.Funkeys Speakers

We just got some concrete info regarding the Funkeys speakers that have been talked about on the forum. How fitting that they would be produced to look like Scratch! :)

Click for a larger view...

In other news, the first release of flash drives will be available as four different Funkeys. Deuce and Lotus are confirmed, and the other two are up for speculation at this point. Our assumption is that additional waves will be produced based on how well sales do with the first four.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exclusive Dot Variant to be Released at the SDCC?

Our forum member Pickle has brought to light some recent announcements regarding an Exclusive SDCC "ladybug" Funkey. Could this be our first look at Dot? Being an exclusive, will it be a fourth color variation from the previously released images? We'll find out soon! From the way it's worded below in this release from Mattel, it sounds like it will be immediately playable as well, so there will need to be some sort of download involved. It will either need to be a general download or perhaps one that is activated by this exclusive figure being placed on the UB? Again, questions we should know the answers to soon after the Comic-Con!


Funkeys Exclusive Ladybug - A brand new Funkeys experience with unique online play. Still not consumed by the Funkey’s world? Stop by and pick up a starter kit as well and get your Funkey in full gear. $10.00.

To give fans not attending Comic-Con a chance to own these exclusives, Mattel will be launching a new Collector Website. A very limited number of each of this year’s SDCC exclusives will go on sale on the new site at 8:00am EST on July 28th.

The new website will also provide the latest news, updates, and previews on Mattel's latest toy lines and will also be the EXCLUSIVE HOME of their new Masters of the Universe Classic action figures with a new character to be made available EACH MONTH starting this fall. The URL to this exciting new site will be unveiled at Comic-Con.

So anyone else getting up early on the 28th?

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More Target Exclusive Funkeys USB Flash Drive Details

It's official! The USB Funkeys Flash Drives are out at Target. One of our forum members, Cuddles, has purchased one of the new USB flash drives from Target. She got a Deuce and took some additional pictures for us...

1) We now see the back of the package that contains images of other Funkeys as well as some text that I can't make out.

2) The complete contents of the package including the Deuce USB Drive, instruction sheet, USB extension cable (for those hard to get to USB ports), and an attachable string/key chain thingy.

3) Flash Drive Deuce with his head off to expose the USB attachment.

4) USB Drive Deuce with the string/key chain thingy attached to his head.

5) Size comparison of the regular U.B.Funkeys Deuce and the Flash Drive Deuce. I had imagined them being bigger, but I'm glad they aren't.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Flash Drive Leaked Before Release?

Funkeys Flash Drive

Hey all, I just wanted to point out the eBay listing that ended yesterday for a Funkeys Flash Drive of Deuce. From what we've gathered between the eBay listing and the post we had here last month regarding the Mattel press release, we know...

This one is a 1 GIG Flash drive.

They will apparently only be sold in Target Stores Starting in August.

On the back of the box it says "Secret codes unlock Bonus Fun".

The head pops off to reveal the USB plug.

They are a joint product from Mattel and Emerson.

Things are starting to roll as far as Funkeys merchandise! Next up, the plush line?

Thanks for the heads-up on this eBay listing ACW!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Chat Funkeys have Landed!

It has FINALLY happened! The Chat Funkeys have started hitting stores. Hickory, a member of the forum here at theSpeakEasy posted the following info and images...

"A friend of mine was at Walmart and told me she saw the chat funkeys. I couldn't believe it so I went out today and found them, and needless to say, I bought all 4 packages...luckily it was one of each. They are $10.22 and come in a package of one chat funkey, and one from series 1. I wonder if this was an error or if they are coming out now. Here are the pics"

Chat Funkeys

Thanks for the info Hickory!

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Twin Packs do Exist

It's been an on-again off-again discussion whether or not Funkeys 2-packs exist. Some say they've seen them, others refuse to believe it unless they see proof. Well, I decided to do some looking around and found some being sold at a European site called Tesco.

Here's the image...

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