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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mayor Sayso Has Joined Facebook

For those who may not have noticed yet, Mayor Sayso has joined Facebook. If you have an account there, look him up! He has shared some great new images of the upcoming Hidden Realm series...

UBFunkeys Hidden Realm Starter with Yang
Funkeys Hidden Realm UB

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sleepers Blog Posts More CustomXL Funkeys Images

I found a blog called "the Sleepers" yesterday that posted some more pics from the XL Custom Funkeys Show in LA. We're still waiting to get some more detailed shots from Funk-E, so here are a few more previews and a link to their post with more images...

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Friday, September 26, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Booth from an Unidentified UK Toy Show

Funkeyfan559 from the forum pointed out a couple images on Flickr a few days back of a Funkeys both from a toy show. It looks to be a show in the UK, since the UB in the logo is black. The only black UB is from the UK exclusive Dream State starter pack. I really like the use of the cardboard stand-ups and the gigantic balloon Deuce. What I'd love to get my hands on is one of the posters hanging on each corner. Well, OF COURSE I'd love to get ahold of the balloon Deuce or one of the cardboard stand-ups, but that's not too likely... :(

Update: "These photos are from the Leipzig Gaming Convention held in August 2008 in Leipzig, Germany." - Thanks to Kyau for this updated info!

Huge Blow-up Deauce from the Funkeys Booth at UK Toy Show
Huge Blow-up Deauce from the Funkeys Booth at UK Toy Show
Huge Blow-up Deauce from the Funkeys Booth at UK Toy Show
Huge Blow-up Deauce from the Funkeys Booth at UK Toy Show
Huge Blow-up Deauce from the Funkeys Booth at UK Toy Show

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Custom XL Funkeys Show in Two Days

There are two days left before the XL Custom Funkeys show opens in LA. There was a post on Vinyl Pulse yesterday giving some updated details and showing images of five of the customized XL Funkeys. The images are seen below, and I can't WAIT to see all the rest. The article says 100+ and from what I've heard it's close to 150 custom U.B.Funkeys!

Also of note is the fact that there will be SDCC Exclusive Dot figures on hand and given out free to the first 50 people to the show. So if you live anywhere near LA and want a Dot, I suggest you go!

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Cute Funkeys Post of the Moment

I'm a sucker for cute stuff from kids and I stumbled by this post this morning. Just a proud mom showing off her son's drawings which include quite a few of Funkeys. Sorry if this doesn't interest you, but I just had to share... :)

Click here for the post...

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Funkeys Multiplayer Starter with Sprocket

There's a new version on the Dream State starter on ebay with 5 Dream State Funkeys included called the Multiplayer Starter. The first four (that most of us already have) and Sprocket. Would have been nice to see at least a couple of the new Multiplayer Funkeys in it, but either way I'll be waiting for the singles. It's only being offered by one seller so far and they currently have 5 of them listed.

Update: More sellers have them now, so I've changed the link accordingly...

Check out the eBay listings here...

New Funkeys Dream State Starter with Sprocket
Back View of New Funkeys Dream State Starter with Sprocket

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video on YouTube of Hidden Realm and DC Heroes Funkeys

There's a video on YouTube that was just posted today that shows some computer generated graphics from the upcoming 2009 U.B.Funkeys series Hidden Realm as well as the DC Heroes series.

I have NO IDEA where this came from, but it's VERY cool! :)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ask Funk-E Installment #3

The third installment of Ask Funk-E has just been posted! This is the biggest round of questions yet...

Topics include: Hidden Realm Funkeys - DC Heroes Funkeys - Adventure Packs - Release Dates - International Shipping - Dot, the SDCC Exclusive Funkey - Bandit and Tach - Additional Chat Features - Changing Crib Names - Funkeys Apparel - TONS of Fan Suggestions


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Friday, September 12, 2008

U.B.Funkeys Babble Forum Fixed!

While the majority of the forum members were blissfully unaware of the problems, I've been frantically trying to fix some issues with the forum the last two evenings. (yes, that's why you've been seeing "augietest" accounts on the boards) I realized that the extremely low new-member rate since August 20th or so was because most if not all those who submitted their registration after that date were getting an error page and never received their confirmation e-mail. On top of that, the forum WAS creating the non-activated accounts which meant that every time someone would try again to make an account (and believe me, there were some that tried 5 or 6 times) they had to use a different e-mail address. It ended up being something tied to the high-score display that I built in to everyone's member profile page, and unfortunately in the end, I had to get rid of that feature...

I'm very sorry to those who have been going through this very frustrating process. If you still feel like joining, everything seems to working just dandy again.

FOR THOSE WHO GOT A REMINDER E-MAIL YESTERDAY: If you got one and clicked to confirm your account, you may be one of a small group who's accounts were just too messed up to work correctly. If you are, you will not see ANY posts when you log in. If this is the case, I again apologize because you'll need to start from scratch and make a new account. If you really like the user name you used, or you only have one e-mail address, please submit to me the user name you created and the e-mail address associated to it and I'll delete the account making way for you to recreate it.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

XL Funkeys Custom Show Update

There really aren't any new details out there yet, but the MunkyKing site was updated to include the upcoming show set for September 26th. The page is pretty much a "holder page" right now, but promises more info soon. They did put together this snazzy little promo image...

XL Funkeys Custom Show by Mattel and MunkyKing

For those who didn't catch the earlier post about this show, there will be XL sized Funkeys, each hand-painted by various artists up for auction. The proceeds will go to The Mattel Children's Foundation.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Round-up of Recent Funkeys News

Game Update:
As most of you know by now there was a version 3.15 update released recently called "Promo". I didn't post about it right away because there weren't any obvious changes to the game. I confirmed over the weekend that the update was strictly back-end updates. On the plus side, some in the forum have reported that it seems to have fixed some glitches in their games for them.
UBFunkeys 3.15 Promo Update Screen

Pink Exclusive Dream State Starter:
Over the weekend, Bryan1-2 from the forum reported a new color variation of the Dream State Starter. It has a pink version of the UB hub (not just plain pink like the Limited Too exclusive) and comes with Twinx and Waggs. Funk-E confirmed to me that it is a Toys R Us exclusive. On a side note, Funk-E also confirmed that the black hub version of the Dream State Starter is an exclusive for a UK based retailer called Argos. I've done some digging and they will not ship outside of the UK, so US collectors are going to have to resort to places like eBay as they start becoming more widely released.
UBFunkeys Toys R Us Exclusive Pink Hub Dream State Starter

Other Images:
First one up is this image of some early prototypes from Hidden Realm. We originally talked about it here but didn't post the image at the time...
Funkeys Hidden Realm Prototype Designs

Second is an image that was pointed out by someone on the forum. It's the Speed Racer image from I hadn't noticed, but the Racer X in the image looks completely different as if it was an early design...
Funkeys Speed Racer Early Racer X Design

Last image for this post is a Funkiki Island image I had not seen before. Looking around last night, I found this on the UK version of the Radica website...
Funkeys Funkiki Island

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hidden Realm Funkeys Named!

With the whispers of having the Hidden Realm U.B.Funkeys up for pre-order, you may be thinking that you already knew the names since they list them as Raj, Yang, Yeti, and Kali. But you'd be wrong! :)

In talking to Funk-E over the matter, I was informed today that though some were correct on that site, the actual names are as follows: Raj, Yang, Bomble and Singe...

UBFunkeys Hidden Realm Funkeys

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Funkeys Adventure Pack Information

We showed you pictures a few days ago of the coming Target Exclusive "Adventure Pack" containing figures of Jerry Pearl, the Pineapple King, a Funkiki Island Native and Sol. Funk-E, our Mattel insider, was kind enough to fill us in a few more details.

There will be two Adventure Packs to begin with, the Funkiki Island one we've already seen as well as one for Funkeystown. The Funkeystown Adventure Pack will contain Mayor Sayso, Master Lox, and an undisclosed number of Henchmen. My guess is 2 though I'd love to see all 4 colors; blue, green, red, and purple.

What Funk-E also confirmed was that all the figures are indeed playable being clear that they would have "different abilities then normal Funkeys though".

I'm pretty excited to see what changes are to come from these Adventure Packs. We'll obviously have to see another decent sized game update before these hit the stores, so that's likely the next thing to be watching for. In the meantime, we have Dream State Wave 2 staring to land so get out there and find them! Woohoo!!!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Funkeys Plushies Images on

The site is now showing images of the first Plush UBFunkeys coming out including Deuce, Lucky, Waggs, Berger, Bones, and Sprocket. The odd thing about them being on the site is that they are only available in the Target stores. They will not be available to order online. So what do you think? Personally, I'm a bit disappointed with the way they look...

UBFunkeys Plush Deuce Funkeys PlushiesUBFunkeys Plush Berger Funkeys Plushies
UBFunkeys Plush Sprocket Funkeys PlushiesUBFunkeys Plush Lucky Funkeys Plushies
UBFunkeys Plush Bones Funkeys PlushiesUBFunkeys Plush Waggs Funkeys Plushies

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Funkeys Funkiki Island Adventure Pack at Target

The rumored Funkiki Island figures are finally a reality. Reports started flowing in this morning of the Funkiki Adventure Pack listed at The pack looks to include a Funkiki Native, Jerry Pearl, the Pineapple King, and Sol. Images of these first showed up after the NY Toy Fair, which you can see here.
Funkeys Funkiki Adventure pack
UBFunkeys Pineapple King Jerry Pearl Funkiki Native and Sol

You can check now if they are in stock yet by clicking here.

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