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July 22, 2008 - Installment #2

Hello Funk-E! We all really appreciate you taking the time to answer some of our questions and we’ve got a fresh round of them for this second installment. Let’s get to it shall we?

Funk-E Says: No problem, it’s my pleasure


1) If we elect NOT to enable the chat function that comes with the most recent updates, will that impede our game-play or not allow us to play certain games?

Funk-E Says: The unique Funkey nickname that you create allows you to participate in Chat, as well as in Multi-player games. While you don’t need to create this name to play normally, in order to access these features, and certain other cool features coming down the line, you will need to create a nickname.

Thoughts from the TSE staff: If you ever plan to use the chat or multiplayer functionality (or any "other cool features" that Funk-E hinted at), the sooner you make your unique name, the more likely you'll get the name you want!

2) Do the Chat Funkeys come with games, or are they just for conversing with other players?

Funk-E Says: No matter how hard we try, we can’t convince Rom, Rewind, Gabby, or Holler to play any games. All they want to do is socialize with their fellow Funkeys. However, there are certain items for sale in each of there stores that allow for you guys to make up your own games that you can play when chatting with each-other…I’m excited to see what it is that you come up with!

3) Will there be any kind of exclusive or promotional/mail-in items for people who have been keeping their UPC/Proof of purchase codes?

Funk-E Says: While there are no immediate plans for the UPC codes, we definitely want to reward the faithful collectors. We have something really cool in the works that will involve all of the Funkeys that you have collected so far!

4) There’s been a LOT of discussion about the gender of certain tribes. Could you please clarify for the record if there are any single gender tribes other than the Twinx?

Funk-E Says: Ahhh the Berger udder debate! Other then the Twinx & Gabby, there are no single gender tribes…yet to be re-discovered that is! It’s weird that a male cow would have an udder, but we just consider it Funky.

5) Is the invisible Funkey a glitch or is it part of the game? Is there more to learn about this in the future?

Funk-E Says: Invisible Funkey? How did he get loose? Last time I checked, he was relaxing in his crib. Of course since he’s invisible, maybe he wasn’t really there after all… I’ll investigate!

6) And what about that big red button, are we any closer to finding out what it’s for?

Funk E: What? You haven’t figured out what they do yet?

7) Why was Bones put in the Dream State starter set when most of the current collector and players already have a Bones figure?

Funk-E Says: While its true that the faithful Funkey collectors probably already have Bones, most players who are purchasing the Dream State starter set are new players, and therefore don’t yet have Bones. This wasn’t done in order to get rid of inventory, and it is in fact, quite the opposite. Bones is one of the most popular characters, and we wanted to make sure that he was available for new players.

8) Will the Drift and Bones starter be the only starter for Dream State?

Funk E: There are a few more permutations coming down the line, and a few different colors for U.B. as well for the truly fanatical collectors. Keep your eyes to the web later this year!

9) Tach was first seen in mock-up Dream State packaging and then became the sole inhabitant of the Royalton Raceway. Will there ever be a real Tach figure and if so what series will it be considered?

Funk-E Says: The funny thing about Funkeys is that they tend to turn up at the strangest times. For instance, Dot was first shown in Series 1, but is now being released exclusively at events like ComicCon this year. It is foreseeable that Tach could make an appearance at some point down the road.

10) Is there any final objective for the Speed Racer series such as the items from Funkiki Island or the gems?

Funk-E Says: The final objective of the Speed Racer series is to have fun….yeah, that’s kinda a cop out, but there was only so far that we could integrate a license into the world of Terrapinia. This is a learning process for us as well, so as we proceed with new licensed developments, we will be getting better at delivering what the Funkeys fans want!

11) And speaking of Speed Racer, when are we going to see the rest of them hit the stores?

Funk-E Says: I think we have seen all of the Speed Racer Funkeys released, unless of course the DVD release is bigger than expected. Our efforts are going towards the next series.

12) Will there ever be Funkey Giga Pets? Like the Tamagotchies?

Funk-E Says: I’ve heard rumors of creatures such as this, but they haven’t been seen in Terrapinia since the great Disaster…it’s quite possible that once we get a few more of the portals on-line that we’ll be able to discover if they truly do exist, or if they were merely a tall tale from a travelling Funkey.

13) We figure you’ll be in San Diego for the coming 2008 Comic-Con. Will you be willing to do a remote SDCC Exclusive “Ask Funk-E” installment?

Funk-E Says: Comic Con is a busy week, but I’ll do my best. We’ve got a ton of great stuff to show next week, and I’m sure the forums will be buzzing once you get a peek at what we have in store!

14) Newest Pleads from the fans:

  • Make the game work so that we can use the keyboard arrows to move around in the future instead of clicking like mad to walk around?
  • Give us the ability to delete profiles that we no longer use in the game.
  • Give us the ability to have more than 3 cribs and the ability to rename them. With the continuing expansion of options for decorating and the garage layout introduced with the Speed Racer series, we need more!

Funk-E Says: These are all great suggestions! I’ll put this on the development list, and get these in as soon as possible! We already are developing things that you guys have been suggested on the Forums for the next few series, so keep the suggestions rolling in, and we’ll endeavor to keep improving the experience……Stay Funkey

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