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Monday, September 14, 2009

U.B.Funkeys Rare Treasures on eBay

Well I've been sleeping on the job! Sorry all, just caught these gems on eBay last night and realized that just about every other Funkeys site had already reported on them...

Click the images to see them on eBay...
Taejo U.B.Funkeys Cruncher Block U.B.Funkeys Royalton U.B.Funkeys Blue Maul U.B.Funkeys

Someone obviously either had access to some prelim figures in Asia or access to the display figures from a toy trade show. They have some great looking Funkeys up for auction right now. My only question is whether these guys even have chips in their feet. I'm guessing no, but I could be wrong.

The obvious ones to point out are the Speed Racer characters Taejo, Cruncher Block, and Royalton. Another of note is a blue Maul.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Taejo (Speed Racer) U.B.Funkeys Figure on eBay

We were all disappointed last year when it was announced that the Speed Racer Series of U.B.Funkeys was not going to be completed and that the second wave was on hold (later to be canceled). Thanks to the lack-luster performance of the movie and sales of the toys, the license was a bust and Mattel/Radica needed to cut their losses.

U.B.Funkeys Taejo Funkeys

Fast forward to last week and some saw a listing on eBay for a group of used Funkeys that included what looked to be a Taejo Funkey or at least what looked to be a REALLY good fake. I'm assuming a little here, but the winner of that auction is likely the one who this week is now selling a Taejo on eBay. They claim to have played it and claim that it works...

The description reads:




Bid at your own risk, but this seller does have really good feedback, so I have a hard time believing that they are lying about it. I'm just really curious how this got out on the market...

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ask Funk-E Installment #4 - More U.B.Funkeys Answers From the Source!

We are very excited to give to you all the next installment of "Ask Funk-E"! In this edition, Funk-E answers questions regarding the DC Heroes Funkeys, possible New Adventure Packs, Dot's Future, Deleting Accounts, The Red Buttons, Chats as Singles, the Final Verdict for Vista 64, the Fate of Speed Racer, Mesofunkey Plains, Beautiful Garden, and more!

Click here to read Installment #4 now...

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Round-up of Recent Funkeys News

Game Update:
As most of you know by now there was a version 3.15 update released recently called "Promo". I didn't post about it right away because there weren't any obvious changes to the game. I confirmed over the weekend that the update was strictly back-end updates. On the plus side, some in the forum have reported that it seems to have fixed some glitches in their games for them.
UBFunkeys 3.15 Promo Update Screen

Pink Exclusive Dream State Starter:
Over the weekend, Bryan1-2 from the forum reported a new color variation of the Dream State Starter. It has a pink version of the UB hub (not just plain pink like the Limited Too exclusive) and comes with Twinx and Waggs. Funk-E confirmed to me that it is a Toys R Us exclusive. On a side note, Funk-E also confirmed that the black hub version of the Dream State Starter is an exclusive for a UK based retailer called Argos. I've done some digging and they will not ship outside of the UK, so US collectors are going to have to resort to places like eBay as they start becoming more widely released.
UBFunkeys Toys R Us Exclusive Pink Hub Dream State Starter

Other Images:
First one up is this image of some early prototypes from Hidden Realm. We originally talked about it here but didn't post the image at the time...
Funkeys Hidden Realm Prototype Designs

Second is an image that was pointed out by someone on the forum. It's the Speed Racer image from I hadn't noticed, but the Racer X in the image looks completely different as if it was an early design...
Funkeys Speed Racer Early Racer X Design

Last image for this post is a Funkiki Island image I had not seen before. Looking around last night, I found this on the UK version of the Radica website...
Funkeys Funkiki Island

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Funkeys News with Ask Funk-E #2

We've just posted the much-overdue second installment of Ask Funk-E! In this edition, you'll get to read Funk-E's responses to questions regarding Unique Account Names, Chat Funkeys, possible Mail-In Offers, Tribal Genders (aka: is Berger a male?), the Invisible Funkey, the Big Red Button, Dream State Starter Packs, a possible Tach Funkey, the Fate of the Speed Racer Series, possible Tamagotchies-style Funkey Giga Pets, Ask Funk-E Installment #3 from San Diego, and Fan Suggestions.

There are some great tid-bits and a bit of sad news as well regarding the Speed Racer Series. Read up and then jump over to the forum to chat about it...

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Official Site Updated: Speed Racer plus Dream State Teaser

The official U.B.Funkeys site has been updated with Speed Racer content including the UFUNK News Break sequence, and character bios. The character bios include some cool little images of the racers in their cars...

But the coolest part about this update in my opinion is the teaser for the upcoming Dream State release this summer! Check out this image...

I know I'm getting pumped! :) Also if you go in to the forum there, the names of the two new zones that we've for a while only known as the "Nightmare Zone" and "Daydream Zone" are Daydream Oasis and Nightmare Rift.

As a side note, I know I've been less than regular posting here recently. I'm working on a lot of different things right now which includes the main site, at which I just added a large new image gallery of Funkeys! Check it out...

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

All Six Speed Racer U.B.Funkeys... Check!

OK, yes... I still have to hunt down all the variations of the six Speed Racer Funkeys that have been released so far, but I do at least have one of each. And the amazing thing is that I got them all at the store (Toys R Us specifically). But the point is that I found them without having to resort to eBay! That's much better than it's been in the Midwest since the first wave of the first series. What I got was the starter set with the common versions of Speed Racer and Chim-Chim and the following singles... Trixie (common), Racer X (rare), Cannonball Taylor (very rare), and Snake Oiler (very rare). This was actually last week that I got them but I finally took a few pictures with my cellphone.

I'll be hitting Toys R Us again tonight to see if they have any more. I'll also take some better pictures soon.

Click them for larger images...
Trixie Chim-Chim Snake Oiler Cannonball Taylor Speed Racer and Racer X

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Speed Racer Character Bios Added to Characters Page

Just a quick update to let you all know that the Speed Racer Funkeys' Character Bios have been added to the characters page. There are also small image galleries for each character on those pages. There will be more added, but I wanted to let you know they were up...

Also a big thanks to webgopher for typing out the bios for me! Those new pages would have taken me forever to get up without the help...

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Single Speed Racer Funkeys Now on eBay!

Single Speed Racer UBFunkeys figures are starting to show up now on eBay. Up until now, it's just been the starter set.

The one up right now were put up as 1 day auctions, so they end in less than 24 hours.

Check it out! :)

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Amazon Speed Racer Funkeys Pre-Order Update...

The pre-order page for the Speed Racer Funkeys starter set on Amazon has been affected by some IDIOT store trying to sell them for $94.99 + $19.99 shipping.

The new link you should use is this one, which also shows the Target version for $22.99.

If you have accidentally pre-ordered with that other store, CANCEL YOUR ORDER NOW before they rip you off!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Official Site Updated with Funkiki Island and Speed Racer

The official site has been updated again to now include the Funkiki Island bios, hosted by Jerry Pearl (the Beach Bum). There are Funkiki Island images and options on the home page as well as a small section advertising the looming Speed Racer release...

Click here to see the larger image... or click here to go to the official site...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Character Page Updated with Speed Racer and Dream State series.

We just got the character page updated to reflect all the upcoming Funkeys coming out in the Speed Racer and Dream State series. Included now are:

Funkeys Speed Racer Series - Wave 1
(released March 2008)
Cannonball Taylor
Racer X
Snake Oiler
Speed Racer

Funkeys Speed Racer Series - Wave 2
(not yet released - Summer 2008)
Speed Racer (with visor down)

Funkeys Series 3 - Dream State
(not yet released - Summer 2008)
*The Mummy
*The Vampire
*The Diver
*LOL Chat
*Shout Chat
*Parrot Chat

* Name is not yet known

Now we have a bunch more individual character pages to make! Argh!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Speed Racer Funkeys Available for Pre-Order!

That's right! is again offering the Speed Racer Funkeys starter set for pre-order. Now that we know they are starting to ship, it shouldn't be long before gets their's in. This is the route I've gone instead of worrying about hunting for it... :)

Pre-Order your Speed Racer UBFunkeys starter on now!


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Speed Racer Funkeys in Stores!

The new Speed Racer Funkeys have been reported to be on the shelves at a Toys R Us in Michigan this week. So far they are not on the Toys R Us site. The reports are for Speed Racer starter sets, but no individual Speed Racer Funkeys yet. They are now also just starting to trickle on to eBay. Check out what Speed Racer Funkeys are being sold there now!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Speed Racer Update Hitting Around the World

I know we're a bit behind on getting this posted thanks to me being sick for almost a week, but...

If you haven't played your Funkeys game since this past Tuesday yet, this may actually still be news to you. The latest update being downloaded to systems all over is for the Speed Racer series coming this spring. As the announcement starts, we are told there is breaking news from "UFUNK News"...

The correspondent "Gabby" joyfully fills us in on the fact that the Royalton Racing Complex is complete and open for business...

It's getting close! Can you smell your money being spent yet? :)

Talk it up here...

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Speed Racer and Dream State series updates!

All the rumors and all the excitement coming from the 2008 New York Toy Fair images being posted online have really created quite a buzz within the Funkeys community, and with good reason. We have two big releases on the horizon in 2008, one series brining a new twist by adding a licensed brand to the game, and the other being a huge release promising to bring lots of new functionality to the game. So here’s the info that Mattel has shared…

Speed Racer U.B.Funkeys Series - Speedracer Funkeys
Click here for a much larger view...

The Speed Racer Series: This series is meant as a stand-alone series that will have its own zone, its own games and even its own type of crib, which will look like (what else?) a car garage. Now don’t get the wrong impression, the worlds and characters will be interchangeable, so once you travel to Funkiki Island, you will be able to have Racer X walk around and see the sites. But the series is more of a tie-in and not part of the “official” Funkeys storyline.

The confirmed character set is as follows. Wave 1 is scheduled for release in March, will likely hit shelves in April and will consist of Speed Racer, Chim-Chim, Cannonball Taylor, Trixie, Snake Oiler, and Racer X. Wave 2 will be release a bit later and will have most of the same characters with the addition of Taejo and a different version of Speed Racer. There will be a Common > Rare > Very Rare version of each just like with the normal Funkeys, but due to licensing they cannot have complete color changes. Instead they will have small changes such as metallic paint highlights or different facial expressions.

Dream State U.B.Funkeys - Series Three - Dreamstate Funkeys
Click here for a much larger view...

Series Three – Dream State: This series does not have a release date yet, but it will definitely be at least summertime before we see any in stores, likely late summer. There will be 10 new classic shaped Funkeys, some of which will be Multi-Player Funkeys. There will also be 4 Chat Funkeys from the new design that includes the antennas (seen at Toy Fair) for a total of 14 characters. The wave configurations have not been finalized and neither have all of their names, but Sprocket and Drift from the original packaging as well as Waggs (the Puppy), Lucky (the Rainbow head), Dyer (the Peace symbol), Berger (the Cow), Snipe (Special Ops character with night vision goggles) are confirmed from the 10 classic Funkeys, and Gabby (Pink Lips) has been confirmed from the Chat Funkey line. The 10 classic Funkeys will come in the standard Common > Rare > Very Rare color assortment and the Chat Funkeys will only come in one color each.

Dream State Chat U.B.Funkeys - Series Three - Chat Funkeys
Click here for a much larger view...

One thing to note is that Bandit and Dot are NOT part of Series 3 and will be part of a future series. The other question in many people’s minds is in regards to all the “other” characters seen at Toy Fair such as Mayor Sayso, The Henchmen, the Natives, the Pineapple King, and Master Lox. There has been speculation that these would be released possibly as playable figures, possibly as just toys to play with or display with your Funkeys. None of this has been confirmed or denied by Mattel. Our personal gut feelings here at theSpeakEasy are that they were only prototype creations meant to enhance the display at Toy Fair. But who knows, if Mattel finds out how many people would shell out good money just to add them to their displays, we could end up seeing them some day. Maybe as a mail-in offer? Huh Mattel? What do you think?

Discuss this news here...

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

More images added to the NY Toy Fair Gallery

As more 2008 New York Toy Fair images are making it to the Internet, we've continued to gather as many as we can that were taken of the U.B.Funkeys display. Added recently are images from and So far, the images from have been some of the best up-close shots of the new Speed Racer and Dream State series.

Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Dream State Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Dream State Funkey - Toy Fair 2008

Check them all out here in the gallery...

Feel free to join the conversation about these images here...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More UBFunkeys Toy Fair 2008 Images!

More and more images keep popping up! Click here for the growing gallery here @ theSpeakEasy. Here are the images found on the website...

Mummy Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Native - Toy Fair 2008 Mayor Sayso - Toy Fair 2008 Master Lox - Toy Fair 2008 Peace Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Rainbow Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Odometer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Chat Funkeys - Toy Fair 2008 Blue Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkeys - Toy Fair 2008 Sprocket Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Nightmare Funkey Dracula Vampire - Toy Fair 2008 Screaming Chat Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Green Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Red Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Pineapple King - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Beach Bum Funkey - Toy Fair 2008

Discuss all the Toy fare images and news here!

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