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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Future of U.B.Funkeys: Don't Panic!

There has been a growing amount of chatter on the Funkeys blogs and discussion boards regarding the future of our favorite little guys (and gals). Many have taken the lack of updates in the game, the long span from the release of Hidden Realm, the dwindling of store stock (and even clearancing of some series) as tell-tale signs that the toy line and game are in trouble. I haven't been helping matters by being so quiet recently either, but let me assure you that my lack of posts has been strictly personal issues keeping me from getting to it. I still have plenty to post about!

But let me address the worries. I feel I need to now because there have been some recent changes at Mattel that once made more public will add fuel to the fire. The branch in Texas, where the Radica team currently resides is being shut down in the near future.

The following is not "official" from the company, but I have multiple sources within and outside Mattel and feel comfortable making the following claims...

1) Radica will continue as a subsidiary name under the Mattel umbrella.

2) The lines that were managed from the Texas facility that are still going to be produced will be moved to the California facility.

3) U.B.Funkeys is a growing, thriving line and WILL continue to be produced.

Beyond that, there has been a scheduling change that was actually made a while back but I never got around to posting about it here. The Series 5 - Paradox Green will be the next series to be released, NOT the DC line as originally planned last year. I know this will not come as a surprise to some who have been paying attention to what's being displayed at the shows and pre-selling to retailers now, but since it wasn't officially announced I thought it should be.

Hopefully as the dust settles on these changes at Mattel, Funk-E will have a chance to send some official updates on all things Funkey, but for now that's all the specific news I have to share on the future of the Funkeys line.

Hopefully one of the mods on the forum will start an official thread to discuss this post soon. For now I have to run. To all... Stay Funkey!

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Anonymous revvinon said...

Yeah - that was one of my thoughts especially with Taejo showing up on ebay. As far as in stores I just figured they are making room for the newer releases (hopefully coming soon) just the 64 bit issue is still scary.

May 14, 2009 11:26 PM  

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