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Friday, March 28, 2008

Single Speed Racer Funkeys Now on eBay!

Single Speed Racer UBFunkeys figures are starting to show up now on eBay. Up until now, it's just been the starter set.

The one up right now were put up as 1 day auctions, so they end in less than 24 hours.

Check it out! :)

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Amazon Speed Racer Funkeys Pre-Order Update...

The pre-order page for the Speed Racer Funkeys starter set on Amazon has been affected by some IDIOT store trying to sell them for $94.99 + $19.99 shipping.

The new link you should use is this one, which also shows the Target version for $22.99.

If you have accidentally pre-ordered with that other store, CANCEL YOUR ORDER NOW before they rip you off!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Character Page Updated with Speed Racer and Dream State series.

We just got the character page updated to reflect all the upcoming Funkeys coming out in the Speed Racer and Dream State series. Included now are:

Funkeys Speed Racer Series - Wave 1
(released March 2008)
Cannonball Taylor
Racer X
Snake Oiler
Speed Racer

Funkeys Speed Racer Series - Wave 2
(not yet released - Summer 2008)
Speed Racer (with visor down)

Funkeys Series 3 - Dream State
(not yet released - Summer 2008)
*The Mummy
*The Vampire
*The Diver
*LOL Chat
*Shout Chat
*Parrot Chat

* Name is not yet known

Now we have a bunch more individual character pages to make! Argh!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Speed Racer Funkeys Available for Pre-Order!

That's right! is again offering the Speed Racer Funkeys starter set for pre-order. Now that we know they are starting to ship, it shouldn't be long before gets their's in. This is the route I've gone instead of worrying about hunting for it... :)

Pre-Order your Speed Racer UBFunkeys starter on now!


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Speed Racer Funkeys in Stores!

The new Speed Racer Funkeys have been reported to be on the shelves at a Toys R Us in Michigan this week. So far they are not on the Toys R Us site. The reports are for Speed Racer starter sets, but no individual Speed Racer Funkeys yet. They are now also just starting to trickle on to eBay. Check out what Speed Racer Funkeys are being sold there now!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Speed Racer Update Hitting Around the World

I know we're a bit behind on getting this posted thanks to me being sick for almost a week, but...

If you haven't played your Funkeys game since this past Tuesday yet, this may actually still be news to you. The latest update being downloaded to systems all over is for the Speed Racer series coming this spring. As the announcement starts, we are told there is breaking news from "UFUNK News"...

The correspondent "Gabby" joyfully fills us in on the fact that the Royalton Racing Complex is complete and open for business...

It's getting close! Can you smell your money being spent yet? :)

Talk it up here...

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

More images added to the NY Toy Fair Gallery

As more 2008 New York Toy Fair images are making it to the Internet, we've continued to gather as many as we can that were taken of the U.B.Funkeys display. Added recently are images from and So far, the images from have been some of the best up-close shots of the new Speed Racer and Dream State series.

Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Dream State Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Dream State Funkey - Toy Fair 2008

Check them all out here in the gallery...

Feel free to join the conversation about these images here...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More UBFunkeys Toy Fair 2008 Images!

More and more images keep popping up! Click here for the growing gallery here @ theSpeakEasy. Here are the images found on the website...

Mummy Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Native - Toy Fair 2008 Mayor Sayso - Toy Fair 2008 Master Lox - Toy Fair 2008 Peace Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Rainbow Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Odometer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Chat Funkeys - Toy Fair 2008 Blue Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkeys - Toy Fair 2008 Sprocket Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Speed Racer Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Nightmare Funkey Dracula Vampire - Toy Fair 2008 Screaming Chat Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Green Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Red Henchmen Funkey - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Pineapple King - Toy Fair 2008 Funkiki Beach Bum Funkey - Toy Fair 2008

Discuss all the Toy fare images and news here!

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More Funkeys images from the 2008 New York Toy Fair

More images are starting to surface from the show! Click here for the growing gallery here @ theSpeakEasy. Here's a few snippets from the round just found on the Toy News International website...

Discuss all the Toy fare images and news here!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

First U.B.Funkeys Image from Toy Fair 2008

That's right, we have located our first Funkeys image out there posted on the Internet from the New York Toy Fair 2008! It was found on the New York Daily News site and was first reported in our Forum early this morning by "Roxxxxxxx", who seems to always have a leg up on all of us finding Funkeys news posted online...

UBFunkeys at the NY Toy Fair

What we do know about the Funkeys in this image is the following...

1) The two in blue packaging on the left are from the upcoming Speed Racer series due out this spring.

2)The rest shown are from the big Series three summer release, at least some of which will be called "Dream State".

3) As we've discussed a little in a previous post, the summer release will add new interactive functionality to the game.

4) The two-pack shown in front on the right says "1 Funkey, 1 MultiPlayer", so that seems to imply that at least some of the new functionality will be limited to specific characters which will please parents that are concerned about their children being able to interact with others they may not know.

5) Of all the characters in the summer release that we can confirm from this picture, we do know the name of at least two of them. Sprocket and Drift are seen in the starter pack, shown with a UB hub.

6) For the first time, we see a character that is not from the same mold as the rest of the Funkeys. It looks to be a parrot of some sort.

If you see any more images posted around, let us know!

Feel free to discuss this here in the forum...

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Image to Share, Funkeys Forum, Funkeys Checklist, and Speed Racer Funkeys...

OK, it's pretty sad that I haven't been able to update this part of the site more, but things are very active on the new Funkeys Forum, so if you haven't joined yet, click here and join in!

So to give you all "something" new, here's another propaganda image from our Mattel insider. Hmm... that sounds so "blah", we really need to come up with a code name for them. Any thoughts?

I've also realized that since I haven't really finished the whole design of the site, there are people looking for specific things that are having trouble so here are a couple handy links until I get the navigation finished up:

1) For those looking for the Funkeys Checklist which is a printable list (with images) of all the Series 1 and 2 Funkeys, you can find the original post here. Also to note, I'm hoping to get enough info from our source to update the list to include the Speed Racer figures.

2) For those looking for the Speed Racer Funkeys information, here's the post with the most up to date info...

That's all for now. Have a good one!

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Official Speed Racer Funkeys Update

I've been in contact with someone inside Mattel who has clarified that the release date on the Speed Racer UBFunkeys series that is on is incorrect. The actual release date is not set exactly yet, but is figured for the month of March 2008. I'm sure that this will be a bit of a disappointment to some, but with as many of the already release figures still missing from my collection, I'm a bit relieved. If they saturate the market too fast, it could backfire on them with people getting frustrated.

I was also given the official list of characters for Series 1...

Wave 1: Speed Racer, Chim-Chim, Cannonball Taylor, Trixie, Snake Oiler, Racer X

Wave 2: Speed Racer v2, Taejo

Keep checking back. We will continue to get new Funkeys updates from our new contact! :)

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

13 days and Counting – Speed Racer Funkeys!

Of course the 13 days is based solely on the release date posted on, so it’s possibly still going to be longer. There’s been no word elsewhere that I can find.

What we do know is that there will be 8 characters as Funkeys and one new USB hub. Only one color or rarity has been seen of any given character so far, and most of those have only been illustrations, so multiple rarities of each character doesn’t seem to be supported by the evidence. Also unknown is if there will be a CD with any special new optional software to load or if it will be the same U.B.Funkeys install CD. If not, there will have to at least be a new update that the software will download once they are released since we also know there will be an optional “garage” crib.

My best guesses for the characters based on the number 8 and the fact that this release is likely meant to be a marketing tie to the 2008 Speed Racer movie is as follows:

Confirmed Characters: (see earlier post with images)
Racer X, Chim Chim, Speed, Snake Oiler, and Taejo Togokhan

Other likely contenders:
Trixie, Mr. Musha, and Minx

Other possible characters:
Mom Racer, Pops Racer, Rex Racer, Inspector Detector, Ben Burns, Spritle, and Sparky

Don’t forget, you can pre-order the starter pack with the exclusive hub and the Racer X and Speed Funkeys here!New Speed Racer Funkeys Starter Set I've got mine pre-ordered, do you? :)

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Images of Speed Racer Series U.B.Funkeys

Doing a bit more hunting, I came by some images of the Speed Racer Funkeys display that were taken at the 2007 San Diego Comicon by the folks over at

This looks like it's going to be interesting. I'm curious how they'll intermix the storyline of the game. They've already stated that the figures will be compatible.

Anyway like I mentioned in the last post, you can pre-order the Speed Racer starter kit on

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