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Terrapinia Times:
Volume 1, Number 1

:: Terrapinia Times :: Volume 1, Number 1 ::
:: June 17th - 2008 ::
a U.B.Funkeys Newsletter brought to you by
U.B.Funkeys @ theSpeakEasy

* Introduction
* Dream State Release
* Ask Funk-E
* Funkey Babble Forum
* Recent Site Updates
* Conclusion

:: Introduction ::
Hello and welcome to the first installment of the Terrapinia Times!  The U.B.Funkeys @ theSpeakEasy website has come a long way in its relatively short life, and I'm happy to say we have a great little community of Funkeys fans established.  I want to start by acknowledging that this is not the type of newsletter I had originally envisioned.  The elaborate visual design and flashy articles sounded great, but in reality I'd rather spend the limited time available adding more great content to website and use this simple text newsletter to update you all a little more often.  So with no further ado, the updates...

:: Dream State Release ::
Dream State is upon us!  We all started receiving the 3.0 update about a week ago now and there are all kinds of new things to look at.  If you haven't been on recently, go get the update!  The Dream State Funkeys (including the chat Funkeys) are walking around the zones, and you can now click on other Funkeys and they talk to you with tidbits of information!  The Library has been updated with the new character info.  The portals are ready to go.  All we need are some Dream State Funkeys to hit the stores and we'll be off to the races.  One note everyone should understand, the starter pack is a little odd.  Though it has a new UB in it and a Drift figure, there is nothing about it that actually lets you enter a Dream State zone since Drift lives in Funkeystown.  You'll need to get one of the "other" Dream State singles before you can go to Nightmare Rift.

:: Ask Funk-E ::
The first installment of "Ask Funk-E" was a huge success. We learned many new nuggets of joy regarding upcoming additions to the Funkeys world such as the impending retirement of the original series of U.B.Funkeys as well as the confirmation that new non-game Funkeys merchandise is being worked on.  There has actually been further news on this through a press release that we highlighted here and here... 

If you have any new questions for Funk-E, make sure to add them to the second installment thread soon!  We'll be sending off the next round of questions later this week... 

:: Funkey Babble Forum ::
The Funkey Babble Forum has grown very quickly and is currently on the cusp of hitting 450 members.  The amazing thing about it is the diversity of our membership!  We have everyone from young kids that get online and post questions with their parents' help to grandparents that have just as much fun playing as their grandkids.  Whether you're a yapper, or just want to post a question or comment once in a great while, feel free to come join the conversation today!  It's a quick and painless process to sign up... 

:: Recent Site Updates ::
The character pages have now been updated with all the Dream State Funkeys including the Chat Funkeys.  Feel free to take a look around and read up on the stories behind these new additions...

The maps section has also been updated a little using smaller thumbnails of the zones.  The Speed Racer zone maps have been added (finally!) and we're getting ready to add the Nightmare Rift soon...

The "Where to Buy Funkeys" section has been update with the new Dream State figures for ebay only at this point.  We can't link directly to Amazon pages until they actually get them up...

And in case you like to obsessively keep up with every little update, we've added a new tool to the site to help keep track of smaller incremental additions and updates to the site here...

:: Conclusion ::
That's it for this brief and to the point edition of the Terrapinia Times.  We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to many more issues!  Now that we've gotten this first issue out of the way, we will indeed work on getting some unique and exclusive features added to make the newsletter even better...

Be sure to pass this along to anyone else you think might enjoy.  If you have received this from a friend and want to be on the list, go here... 

If you want to unsubscribe from this list, feel free to so here...

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