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The Yang believe that they are the most balanced of all Funkeys, and practice the ancient discipline of Funk Shui in order to maintain this balance. Funk Shui teaches that equilibrium is achieved when divergent polarities cancel each other out. For every act of kindness they perform, they must do something cruel. For every joke they tell to make Funkeys laugh, they must tell a tragic tale to make Funkeys cry. They do exhaustive research on a topic, than act on whim. After a very spicy dinner is eaten, a very sweet desert must be consumed as well! Their favorite song of all time is ‘You Gotta Be Cruel to Be Kind’!

The desire for inner balance has also led to the organization of balance among the Yang as a tribe under a system the Yang call communalism. The collective ownership of property and the organization of labor for the common advantage of all are the key ideas of communalism. This community balance makes it so that no individual Yang is wealthier, more famous, or more powerful than any of their fellow Yang comrades, every Yang is equal.

However, equal does not mean balanced. If the Yang only followed this system of communalism, this could possibly lead to an entirely peaceful tribe, which to the Yang would be out of balance according to the practice of Funk Shui. If there is peace, there must be conflict.

The Yang have chosen to fight in King Sidd’s Oni Dojo in order to provide this conflict. The Yang believe that constant individual combat in the Oni Dojo combined with peaceful equality of their communalism will provide balance and allow them to better achieve the goal of total Funk Shui.

While the Yang believe they are in perfect balance, most other Funkeys think the Yang are just plain unpredictable, one minute they are hot tempered, rude and aggressive, and the next minute, they are happy, polite and peaceful. You just never know what reaction you will get when you’re dealing with a Yang!

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