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The Rewind are as known for their colorful markings, outgoing personalities, and their love, some say obsession, with a good tale. They have been known to fly to the furthest regions of Terrapinia on a moment’s notice if they believe an opportunity to learn a good story, even just a piece of one.

While they are masters at seeking out a good tale, they are simply awful at re-telling them. They tend to get the details of a story mixed up, and often tell the end of the story because the beginning. Funkeys listening to their stories often have to tell them to stop and go back to the beginning...or rewind! They've been known to stop one story and pop in another at moment’s notice.

While the Rewind have the Rewind Roost on Funkiki Island, they also have established a network of temporary houses to young Funkey travelers unable to pay the high prices of hotels, or other travelers who just admire the free spirit of the Rewind.

This network of housing is another key to the Rewind being masters at communication allowing the Rewind to carry Funkeys' notes and mail through these tree houses as they travel the world. Rumor has it that the Rewind have amassed considerable wealth through this unconventional business, and store their funds in banks somewhere off the coast of Funkiki Island.

Their inventive spirit and entrepreneurial style has led to their Air Mail network to become the 2nd most popular communication* in the world. Rumors spread by the Gabby profess that the Rewind are in talks with the Tom to put the Funkey computer networks into all of the Rewind's tree top lodges. We have no doubt that the Rewind are sure to find a way to profit from this business venture.

While flighty and chatty, the Rewind are best known as fierce and loyal friends and for their dependability. They've never lost a note, never turned away a foreign traveler, and once you befriend a Rewind, they are a friend for life.

* Both the Rewind's Air Mail and the Gabby's Rumors are currently noted as the 2nd most popular communication by the Funkeystown Library.

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